Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Birtrhday Party Begins

I had an awesome birthday. A lot of my friends came that were from my class here. Well, not all of them because some couldn't come. We had a lot of fun swimming and then we had a treasure hunt. My team should have won because we had three clues when Camilla's team only got one.

We got the goody bags for the treasure. They had things called Tech Decks, Skittles or candy made by Jolly Ranchers, bookmarks and bracelets. For the girls they had notebooks and pens instead of tech decks. We brought these things from home. The boys didn't know how to use the tech decks so I had to teach them. One girl really liked the tech decks and so I gave her one.

This is Camilla and Me Filling the Goody Bags

Last year here on my birthday it was raining but this year it was not. It was hot!! Here's a slide show of my birthday party.

It was also Camilla's birthday party, too. She waited for me to get here so that she could have her party when I was here so that I wouldn't miss it. I really liked that she waited. That made it better even though it made it a little confusing not mixing up the presents. Everyone wanted me to open their present first. They all sang Happy Birthday in English. The English teacher taught them.

After the party, Camilla slept over at my house in the top bunk and I was on the bottom.

Gotta go,


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you are having back in Italy.

I am sure your friends were very happy to see you again, especially Camilla. What a lovely surprise for you to have her meet you at the airport.

How was your Italian? Had you been able to keep it up to speed?

I thought it was very sweet that their teacher had taught your friends to sing Happy Birthday in English. Was it one of the teachers you had last year?

Keep up with your blog postings, I love reading about your adventures.


Judy said...

Casey - what a great birthday party you had! Thanks for posting the video and the slide show. It looks like everyone had a good time.


KZ said...

Dear Sheena, it was one of the teachers that I had last year. Her name's Cristina. My Italian is good. I help my gramma at the store today.

and Judy, everybody did have a good time-everybody did, everybody did.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey, you don't know me but I really enjoy reading your blog (and your nonna's blog, too)! I think it's so wonderful that you are back in Italy, and seeing all of your old friends. I really enjoyed the video of you and Camilla filling the goodie bags, and I could hear that your Italian is very good!

Keep on blogging!

Donna, from San Francisco.

KZ said...

Grazie, Donna. In Italian donna means woman.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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