Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm a Middle Schooler

Guess what everyone. If you voted, school on the poll, you were correct cuz I'm a middle schooler now. I go to Lewis Middle School. I really like it. I see a lot of my friends there.

It's really different from elementary school. We have multiple classes. You get done with one you go to another. It goes on and on and on until school's over which is at 2:15 pm. I really like my teachers. Here's some pictures of them.

This is Mr. Konarska. He's my PE teacher.

I have PE every other day. Right now we're doing golf. I'm getting better at it as I go. It's a lot different than the Wii which is why I didn't do so good when I first started. I tried doing it like the Wii.

This is Mrs. Quesada

She's my science teacher. I really like her. And, I'm learning a lot from her. We're studying earth science right now.

This is Mrs. Maier

She's my English and social studies teacher. I really like her, too. I have her three periods a day because I have English for two periods. One part is language arts and one part is reading. She has a good sense of humor. In social studies, we're studying about ancient civilizations. I really think that' s interesting, unlike the stuff we were studying in social studies back at elementary school. That stuff was boring. This stuff is exciting.

This is Mr. Callahan, our principal.

He seems really nice. I haven't quite gotten to know him yet, though. I have other teachers but they didn't have their pictures on the Lewis website. The rest of the subjects I take are advanced pre-algebra, wheel and advisory. In wheel we're doing something called imathination. Right now we're making patterns with lines. In advisory on Monday, Wedneday and Friday it is reading days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays its "help with your math" day in which you can get help with your math if you need it.

I have a friend from karate who is in 4 of my classes. His name is Will. For the past Monday and tomorrow, Will came and is coming over after school to study together and then go to karate. He's a black belt but I'll be there soon.

This is Will--on the right. The other

Monday, September 07, 2009

My Spare Time

Hello Everybody,

Today I will be writing about what I do in my spare time. What I usually do is that I play with my DS, read or play Bionicles. I have a lot of fun with my bionicles. My Uncle Jeff says the bionicles I make are cool. He also told me that I should look into being a bionicle designer. He said I should send them to the Lego Company.

Heres a picture.

I also sometimes play the Wii and talk on the phone with my friends for a long time about Pokemon.

Starting tomorrow all my spare time will be ruined. Do you people have any idea why? You can vote on the sidebar where I will put a voting poll.

Today is Labor Day. Today my Uncle Jeff is here and we're going to have a fun time. We always do.

I don't have much spare time because I am usually doing other things that aren't spare--like having friends over, doing karate and other stuff.

Bye everyone.

Talk to you next time.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


I hope you enjoy it. And I really, really like reading comments.

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