Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doggy Time

This blog entry is about my dog, Scratch. Right now I'm sitting with my doggy. He is so cute. He really likes to play.

Every morning at 6:30 I take him for a walk down at the park to meet with "my group." My group is a bunch of adults that take their dogs for walks but they get up at 6. My dog is the only dog in the world that doesn't know how to shake hands. That's true!

Sometimes I forget to walk Scratch-O. Then my group misses me and Scratch gets sad. And there's this man who speaks Italian. He isn't part of my group but he is there sometimes. When the italian guy is at the park I talk with him a little in Italian. But then I don't see him for a week or two weeks, actually. There's another guy from Iraq who talks low and slow. He's been here for 50 years. The park's right across the street from my house. Sometimes I just play there or ride my bike.

When school starts I'm going to have to get up at 5:45 and walk him. School starts the day after Labor Day.

Scratch is the cutest dog in the whole world.

This is a movie of me riding my bike in the cul-de-sac. You can see the park across the street.

Ciao Ciao

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here and There

I really miss Italy but I'm having a good time here in San Diego too. I really miss Camilla and Pimpi and Nicoletta and Alessandro and Signoria Franca and Beatrice and Arianna and Tommi and.... I think you got the point of it.

This is Me and Signoria Franca--Camilla's Nonna. I like her because she is nice and she makes VERY good lasagna and pizza. And she is taking care of my cactus for me.

What I really miss about Italy is seeing the pretty blue skies and being able to run around by myself and take walks by myself. If I did that here, I would get run over. I miss the piazza, all my friends, the Grog Shop. And I really, really miss Bruno cuz everytime I went into his shop he gave me a hug and kiss on the head and a free piece of bread or something like that. Here's a picture of io e Bruno.

My Friend Bruno

I really miss my school and my teachers but I'm also having fun here.

I went to Zoo Camp this week. We saw a lot of animals like a python and a milk snake. They call that snake a milk snake because when they first saw that kind of snake in a barn with the cattle, they thought that it was there for the milk. But it actually was there to eat the rats. And the milk snake is not poisonous. It's colors are red and then black and gold.

This is a meercat.

This is an ant eater

Here's a picture of my counselors at camp.

I went to soccer camp two weeks ago and I don't know what I am going to do next week. That's a hard question. But on Tuesday Ryan one of my best friends in San Diego, is coming over. I wish my sister could come over tomorrow. She can't come because she's in Italy--actually, she's going to Elba.

But the most exciting thing about being home in San Diego is going to Sunday school. I really missed it while we were gone. In Sunday School I learn a lot about Jesus' travels and miracles. Last week I learned about Daniel and then about forgiveness.

Well, at least I get to go back to Italy next summer but I can have fun here, too.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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