Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tommy il Grande and Other International Friends

Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about my friend Tommy ( Tommaso). He has been my friend since I was in third grade in Greve.

Tis is us playing a silly card game called Yu-Gi-Oh in the upstairs of our appartment.

Believe it or not, this use to be my play area when we lived here.

Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! I have a twin.

These are Tommy's parents.

This is my second B-day party with my friends Caro and Lana from Belgium and Tommy.

And their family.

Stop singing to me.

Caro and her family gave me a little model ferrari. Why didn't they get me a real one?

Tommy gave me a Zucchero T-shirt.

This is Simone, the care taker, during his intensive labor.

I'm helping Tommy with his English homework.

It was so confusing that it drove us insane.

Look at those big fluffy cotton candies floating in the sky.

Tommy is always going to be my friend.
Caro and her family are going to come see me in San Diego next summer.

Okay see ya every one.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Matteo and Me...

We went to Cortona for two days and I made a new friend, Matteo. We really had a good time together and every time we come to Italy, I am going to see him. My gramma and his mom have known each other for a long time. He is really fun and we like all the same things.

This is Matteo and me. Can you tell who's who?

We spent two days, hiking, swimming, walking around town, going to the fortezza, playing with his friends and eating lots and lots and lots of gelato. I wish I lived there or he lived in San Diego.

On our way to dinner last night, I went blind.

Then, I went blind again.

We went to an American Saloon with Tuscan food which is run by Franco the cowboy who has never been to America.

See? Doesn't that look American?

Which one's the Indian?


Here's Franco, the cowboy, and his trusty friend Al the Owl.

Look at those grapefruit sized eyes.

Whe he gets older his wings will be 6 feet wide. He is only 40 days now.

Going, going, gone. Time to leave and say goodbye. What? It's already over. That's Francesca, his little sister.

Who's this fluffball? It's Carlotta one of the two dogs at the Bed and breakfast where we stayed.

This is Daisy, Carlotta's daughter. She was precious.

Dogs, friends, people, gelato....adios amigos. Wait, that's Spanish.

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

I'm in Italy! Sant' Antonio

I've been here 3 weeks already. The first week we went to Sant' Antonio, my favorite place because I have friends there and have been there so many times. I have known Sofia since I was 5. She is really nice and funny. Filippo, her brother, is the funniest person ever. I can't dscribe it; he's just funny. And Nico is like an uncle.

This is Ule. She's the prettiest and sweetest dog in the whole wide world. She was the pet of other guests from Germany.

This is Caio, Sofia and Filippo 's dog. He is a funny dog and he knows how to open doors.

The second day I was there Sofia's and Filippo's cousins were there from Rome, Sara and Michela. We all had fun together.

This is dinner at Gambe di Gatto which means cat's leg. It is in Montepulciano. We went outside and talked and did stuff while the adulta ate there antipasti. I like Montepulciano.

Caio likes giving people kisses.

Time for the pool.

Was it somthing I said?

No soup for you!

We went to the Gardens of "La Boring"--(La Foce, really.). it was boring, as you can tell.

We were all enjoying pictures of Kenya because they went there right after we did. We were at some of the same places even some of the same lodges. They like the safaris, too.

I did a lot more of Sant' Antonio but it wasn't that important. See you next time in Verona and the wonderful Aida Opera.

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