Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summercamps before High School

Hey everyone, sorry for not having posted in pretty much forever. I had quite a bit of stuff to do this summer and now I just started High School two weeks ago. Over the summer I went to two summer camps and a missions trip to Arizona. The first camp I went to was a house boats trip at Lake Shasta with one of my church high school groups. We did ski runs every day so I got to go WakeBoarding!!!!!!!! I love going wake boarding I am pretty good at it and it's so fun!!

Here are some other pictures from the trip:

It was a great trip and I made one really good friend. Her name is Katie. For some reason I didnt get any pictures of her while we were there, which made me really frustrated cuz I dont see her that much anymore.

The second camp was with my other church high school group and we went up to Hume Lake. It was so cool. One of the days there, it was Super Spirit Day!!! We had to dress up according to the theme, which was USA. What we did was we had me dress up as President Obama and all the other guys in our group like the Secret Service. We pretty much won the competition and we got full spirit points for that day.

It was the coolest day by far up there. I also made another really good friend up there. Her name is Aley. Unfortunately I got a total of two pictures at Hume because I forgot to charge the camera battery after I got back from Houseboats.

Next I went on a missions trip to the Navajo reservation in Arizona. My team was from the same church high school group that went to Hume. It was such a great experience and now I get to go to Jamaica next year to do the same thing. Here are some pictures:

The Painted Desert was full of different colors of sand and stone.

Amazing view of The Grand Canyon.

Leah and my best friend Gavin. (Gavin tried to make it look like he was jumping off into the Grand Canyon).

This is what I found when we walked into our Hotel room.

Elk just outside of the Grand Canyon.

Our group at the Painted Desert.

Me at the Painted Desert.

My friend Sam at the Painted Desert.

Being able to do all these things was really cool. I cant wait to do more next summer!!!!
See you all next time.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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