Thursday, March 27, 2014

         Hi everyone. It's been awhile. A lot of things have happened recently and I have been extremely busy. But I have a particular pressing matter to share with you all. Just a couple weeks ago, my little buddy, and first dog, Scratch, died. Many of you have seen pictures of him throughout the years. I've shared lots of funny stories about him. It was really sudden and it was extremely hard to take in... Every morning now, I wake up and he's not in his bed right next to mine. I now notice how many crumbs actually drop on the kitchen floor. The tissues in the bathroom waste basket aren't all over the floor all the time. I remember when I first picked him out when I was in kindergarten. We went out to the pet store in Grossmont Mall. He was the first dog I saw and he was the one that I picked. He got his name when he scratched my lip while we were all taking a photo and my Grandma was holding him. It didn't take long; that's for sure! Here are some pictures of him over the years.

 The Day I first got him

 Scratch's bone stocking

 His Favorite Toy

His place will never be filled... Even if we get a new dog in the future, Scratch will always be the best dog that I could ever have.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


I hope you enjoy it. And I really, really like reading comments.

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