Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween plans and activities

Today for Halloween I am going to go out with my little brothers to help them trick or treat and to make sure they don't  get lost or scared or hurt. I am going to leave with them at about 5 and finish around 6.

After that I am going to go to my friend's house and maybe go trick or treating if we feel like it, we are a bit to old anyway. If we do go, I am going to be a ghost or master of disguise, if the mask gets to hot. For a 12-13 year old, going trick or treating is mostly for all tricking or just getting crazy on candy.

For my costume I am going to wear all black clothes, a black cape and a blue ghost mask with a veil covering my neck.

If you are a parent tell what your kid is going to be, if they are young enough, and if you are going to do anything fun.
See ya

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Remember Me

Hi everyone,
I meant to do an entry at the beginning of school but I have had so much work that I have not had time to do it. Now I am doing an entry on my great job in school.

I think I have a four point 0, but it all depends on one science test that my teacher needs to grade; it might take a while and it might not get on my first progress report, but I hope it does cause I want a four point 0.

Last year I had a little bit of trouble with math, but this year I am doing great in Advanced Algebra!! I have high A's in all of my classes except for science, for now anyway.

This is Me First Week of 7th Grade

I like all of my teachers, but my science teacher is a little bit different from the others because she is not organized and I like neat teachers!!!!!!!!! (I hope she does not read this!)

My other teachers are really cool especially my Art, History, Math and English teachers. My art teacher is crazy, he always makes jokes, so does my history teacher. My English teacher is nice and he loves Italy like I do. 

I'll keep up more with my blog now on what I am doing in school and other things that happen.

See ya everyone

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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