Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scratch, The Dog

Did I ever tell you about Scratch? He's my dog. When he's happy, he snarls. Like this:

Isn't that charming!?

Did I ever tell you about how he got his name? If I did, here it is again. It was one day after school and we went out to the car. I noticed in the car that we were going a different way so I asked where we were going. They my grandparents said: "Didn't you want a dog?"

Then when I got there, it took me an hour to decide. And then I saw him--a cute, adorable, small puppy who was very wiggly by the way Then we went outside and the sales person wanted to take our picture. My grandmother was holding the puppy and I was standing right next to her. Then the puppy scratched me on the lip and it started bleeding. So then I was crying and said: "I know what I am calling him." So that's how he got his name--SCRATCH.

Scratch is a puppy.
Scratch is such a cute puppy.
And he is squirmy

That's all the time I have for today, folks. Bye.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The First Week

It was horrible!! Just kidding. It was really good and I hope summer never comes. Actually, I do hope it comes; otherwise, I wouldn't see Camilla.

The first week of school was really fun because my teacher is fun and she makes learning fun. This year I have Mrs. Johnson. We all did a lot of laughing about the planet Uranus because it sounded like your anus. Mrs. Johnson was laughing, too. And then we read that Uranus is very cold and windy and may be poisonous to humans and its a gasseous planet. That is so funny! Get it?

Also the first week, on the last day, wasn't so good. Someone teased me about me liking someone and I got mad. I got unmad because my 3 friends, Jordan, Sammy and Dorothy, got a purple puppet and came over to me and said "I'm Mister Purple" and then I started laughing and got addicted to that puppet. Then I was all better. The rest of the day was very fun.

This week I also went to my first baseball practice for Fall Ball. It was a lot of fun. My coach is one of my best friend's dad. I also went to karate 3 times and my friend Ryan Willweber came over to swim and I had an Italian lesson. I had a really fast week and busy, too.

Today I went to Soak City with my Uncle Jeff--the best uncle in all the world. Soak City is a water park. I had a lot of fun going on water slides. There's also a pool that waves come when you hear an alarm. The waves hit you and when you're on a tube they can knock you over.

I'll tell you what happened to me. My uncle pushed me into the wave and when it hit me I went flyyyyyyying off my tube. I almost landed on a guy. Good thing I didn't.

Here's Uncle Jeff and me getting ready to go to Soak City.

Gotta be going now, Bye

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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