Friday, June 15, 2007

Il Mio Compleanno

Il mio compleanno era l'ultimo gioro di scuola e io ho invitato gli amici di scuola a una festa a viticcio.

Io e i miei amica siamo andati in piscina. Abbiamo nuotato e giocato insieme. Dopo il bagno in piscina abbiamo fatto merenda con biscotti, patatine, pizza e bibite. Poi un uccello ha fatto la cacca in el mezzo di quattro pezzi di pizza.

Dopo la merenda é arrivata la torte,, sulla torta c'erano della candelina che si riaccendevano. Poi, io ho aperto i regali che mi hanno portato i mei amici.

Tommaso mi ha regalato un B-Daman. Valentina mi ha regalato uno zaino, un mini astuccio, un appuntalapis, un righello e una penna con tanti colori.

Christian: 3 macchinine; Camilla-un libro sull'Italia e 5 gormiti; Maestra Agata e Maestra Annamaria che me hanno reglato un memory game sull'Italia. C'erano tanti altri.

Poi la festa é finita ed é rimosto con mi solo Tommaso.

E stata una bella festa.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Birthday Party

On the last day of school, June 8, I had my birthday party. I invited all my friends in my class but they couldn't all come. Also, my teachers came at six o'clock. They also brought me a present. It's a memory game of Italy. I really like it.

These are my teachers--Valentina, Maestra Annamaria and Maestra Agata

The first thing we did was go swimming but it was raining so I didn't go in until the rain stopped. But all the other kids were in the pool when it was raining. While we were swimming in the rain, Nicoletta was under the umbrella watching us. It was funny! Also, my gramma was, too.

Tommaso and some other boys tried to peek in while the girls were getting their bathing suits on, in Italian a bathing suit is called a costume. When the girls saw Tommaso and the other boys, they pushed them away and said via via via (shoo, shoo, shoo).

One game that we played was a treasure hunt but my team never found the treasure. It was a jumping rope.

For dinner we had pizza. The pizza man got here just in time.

My gramma made chocolate chip cookies--yummy. It was a treat for my friends. They never have those here. We're able to do it because some people brought us chocolate chips and brown sugar because there's none here in Italy.

The candles on my cake when I blew the flames off went out but 30 seconds later they came back on--all of them. When Camilla's sister picked one up it sparked and went on fire and she dropped it on the table and then it was off. It was really weird.

I got a lot of great presents. Valentina, my tutor, gave me a humongous box, with another box in it, with another box in that one. Then a wrapped up backpack, I thought it was the present but there was even more inside--a mini-pencil case, a pencil sharpener, a ruler and a multi-colored pen. It was fun to open one box after another. One Christmas in San Diego I did that to my papa.

It was fun to be with my friends on the last day of school. That day my friend Tommaso slept over and next Friday I'm going to sleep over at his house.

I'm going to miss my friends when I go back to San Diego. But the good thing is that I am coming back here next summer.

Here's a funny slide show of my friends and my party.

Bye Bye

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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