Sunday, July 27, 2008

Per Casey Da Gramma

We saw this dog yesterday and thought of you--wonder why?

Isn't he cute?

We miss you lots. Do you miss us or are you having just too much fun?

See you in a week.

Lots of love,
Gramma and Papa

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hodge Podge

Hi Everybody, I just got back from Garda, Como and Milan. We were only in Milan for two days. I went there to see the duomo, see the Last Supper and meet a lady named Sylvia who is really funny.

The duomo was pretty boring but huge. And we went on the roof of it and it was really, really, really high. I thought I might fall. The roof was really fancy but not colorful. It was white with a lot of carvings and gargoyles.

The next day we went to see the Last Supper. And it was really cool considering I like Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings and stuff. It was cool because the walls looked like they were going back like an actual house. It’s a painting of when Jesus had his last supper with his disciples until he was crucified.

The best part was Sylvia. I thought she was going to be serious adult like person but she wasn’t serious at all. She was fun and made me laugh by doing tongue twisters but in Italian and really funny things like in a picture sticking her tongue out. Here’s her picture doing that.

She also brought me two books. One of them was the first book she ever read. I’m looking forward to reading it. It’s in Italian, of course because she is Italian but speaks English. She’s lady Mark Twain—or should I say Alice Twain. She uses that name sometimes. Thank you Sylvia for the books.

Here at Viticcio I have a friend from last year who’s back. Her name is Caro. She’s from Belgium. She’s really nice and fun to play with.

This is Caro and Me. See My Cone Nose?

Caro Is A Lot of Fun

I’m not going to be writing for a while because my grandparents are not going to be here. I’m staying with Camilla. My grandparents are going to Croatia. I won’t have a computer to blog on. But don’t forget about me.

Gotta go, Bye.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Harder Than Cats and Dogs

Two days ago we went to Switzerland. When we go there, we had trouble finding parking but when we did, we went to the waterfront of Lugano and got on a little tram. This is me sitting on the front of it. I got to drive it—just kidding. The tram took us on a round trip around Lugano. There were a lot of obnoxious people on the tram, talking loud, loud. Then my gramma said “Can you get any louder?” And they got louder. I was glad when we got off the tram.

The lake was really pretty. There was a big fountain shooting water up high. I wish I were on top of it so that I could fly. Then I was so hungry that we went to Burger King and I had a crispy chicken burger and chunky fries except my grandparents ate most of the fries.

When we went back to the car, we drove to a really cool chocolate factory but it was a holiday so they weren’t working. We went in the museum that they had and saw some chocolate things that looked good. You know how burglars break in and steal precious things? This time they are going to break in and eat precious things.

We saw a video on making the chocolate. I’m eating some of the chocolate right now. It’s white chocolate and it’s good. Then we went into the store and bought some chocolate—a big package with a bunch of chocolate bars and a separate bar for my Uncle Jeff and Tommy chocolate bears for my friend Tommy.They gave a way a lot of nice samples. It was all good except the dark chocolate.

There was a red and white cow out in front of the museum. And here it is.

On the way back it was pouring rain harder than cats and dogs—just like the title. Good thing my papa was a good driver. I was so scared but I didn’t panic. There was thunder and lightening and dark grey clouds. It also hailed a lot. We were in the mountains and so it was especially dangerous.

So we got home and then later when I was going to bed, I looked outside and there was a huge flash of lightening. It went kachow! And it went all night.

Gotta go, bye.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Gardaland Adventure

Monday I went to a place sort of like Disneyland but not as big. It is called Gardaland. It is really cool. I have been really wanting to go there. Back at Fattoria Viticcio I played a game called Gardaland and now I have actually been there.

I wanted to have either Camilla or Tommaso come with me but they couldn’t. So at first I said “then I’m not going.” But we went and I ended up having fun with my grandparents instead. It was a good family fun day.

The first ride we went on was called Ikarus. My grandpa went on it with me but my gramma was a scaredy cat. It was a really cool ride that spun around and went up in the air. Here’s a movie when Papa and I were on it.

One of my favorite rides was 793. First it lifted you up in the air and then dropped you about 130 miles per hour. I felt like I was going to die. Gramma didn’t go on that one either.

My most favorite was the Magic House. It is so strange I can’t even describe it. I don’t know if we were moving or the walls. My gramma went on that one. She fell off but me and my grandpa didn’t. Just kidding because if she fell off she’d get squashed by the ride.

The second one was Fuga da Atlantide. We got really wet on that one.

But my favorite of all of them, of all of the rides, was Tunga—just kidding. That was the worst one cuz we were going one kilometer per hour and all it was was mechanical machines that made noise while we were on the boat. I used to think that It’s a Small World at Disneyland was bad. It still is bad but not as bad as Tunga.

My actual favorite was Mammut which means mammoth. I liked that because it was a ride where you went up, down, around and sideways but no upside down. I felt like I was going to fly out back. The trouble with that one was that the line was super long.

The other things I liked weren’t rides at all. We saw several shows. One was a Gormiti one. Another was Hollywood Dreams. At the beginning there was a teenager singing Hollywood Dreams that’s still going through my mind. We also saw a really cool ice skating show. One guy could actually do a back flip on the ice and not fall down.

The best show was Tornedo di Camelot. The announcer of it was a donkey. Here he is.

In the show at the beginning there were two knights—red and yellow. We were on the yellow side and so we were cheering for him and he won. Then he had to fight the evil skull champion and he won again. He pretended to cut the bad guy’s head off—snap!

We finally got home thirteen hours later and got a good night’s sleep.

This was me shooting. I had a very high score. It was really fun. Bye, Bye

Sunday, July 06, 2008

My New Friend Kate

Last week at Viticcio I met a girl named Kate from Seattle. Camilla and I had fun with her. Here’s a picture of Camilla, Kate and I having lunch together in our apartment.

Kate was 8 when I met her. Her birthday is July 2 which is three days before mine. Mine is July 5 which was yesterday and I didn’t enjoy it because I had a horrible ear ache. Read my blog entry My Horrible Birthday.

Kate had a birthday party with cake at 8:30 pm. It was fun. Then Camilla came and gave Kate two little bouncy balls. I gave her some presents in the morning. This is a picture of Kate and I at the party.

I really liked Kate but she drove me batty because she always said—I’m a power ranger, pokemon, yu-gi-oh, gormiti, dragon slayer and at the same time I’m a unicorn. She said it in a very high voice.

I hope I see her again.
See ya..

My Horrible Tenth Birthday

Yesterday was a horrible day even though it was my birthday when I turned 10—double digits. We left Fattoria Viticcio and went to Lake Garda but I haven’t even seen the lake yet. It was horrible because I had an ear ache and we didn’t know what was wrong with it. We just knew my ear was hurting and then later when we went to dinner, by ear hurt so bad that I was crying. Our really nice waitress offered to take us to a farmicia that was open because the one that was near where we are staying was closed. I couldn’t eat my ear was so bad.

After dinner I had to go to the hospital’s emergency room which in Italian is called “pronto soccorso.” There was really nice doctor who looked in my ear and said that I had an infection from swimming too much. He said we needed to go to a farmicia in Lonato that was open 24 hours a day. If we didn’t have a GPS it would have taken forever to get the hospital and to the farmicia. Lonato was several kilometers away—about 10. We had to get ear drops and pain pills; they start working right away.

But the good part of the day was I got a card from my Uncle Jeff with €13 inside and I got a phone call from my Uncle Dan and Aunt Glennis wishing me a happy birthday. They called all the way from Auburn, California.

When we got home from the hospital and the farmicia, my grandma put my ear drops in and then I went to sleep. By the time I got to sleep, it was after eleven o’clock.

Gotta go, bye……P.S. Fred says ‘hi.”

Friday, July 04, 2008

Valentina's a Valentine

Last night I went to dinner with Valentina, my very special friend. She's very nice and pretty, too. Her mom cooked the dinner. It was really good. We had: french fries, fried chicken, fried zucchini flowers (my all time favorite) and bruschetta.

And recently she got a new dog and she named it Diana. She's so small and cute but she just had to get flea bites the day I came.

Before we went to eat, Valentina took me to Snoopy's to get seven gormiti. Those are little alien type action figure things. I don't know what they are actually. Since we bought all the packs that were in the box, I got to take the box home.

After Snoopy we went to a book store in the piazza and I got a Geronimo Stilton book and a stuffed animal for my birthday presents. Valentina's really good to me. She was my Italian tutor when I lived here in Italy. Nobody can replace her.

This is Valentina and me.

Finally we went to get gelato. I got After Eight but I couldn't finish it all because it kept melting.

See you later today when I write about my new friend, Kate.

Ti Amo, Valentina

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Super Animal Country

Yesterday my grandparents and I went to a place I call The Super Animal Country but it is really called Parco Naturale di Cavriglia. It had a lot of cool animals and there were llamas on the loose. They had chickens there and after a while they went crazy and I don't know why. They had parrots and there were some very beautiful ones. There was a pheasant.

We also saw a horse as you can see on the slide show--A Touch of the Wild West. He had a lot of some kind of fly that sucks blood from animals and people. It looks more like a bee than a fly.

When we got to a certain point of the park we saw monkeys, ostriches and cashmere goats.

We had a hard time getting into our car and so we had to take this llama home. I named him Fred. Ahh--stop kicking me, Fred.

On the way back, there was one of those weird flies in the back with me. I got so freaked out. My grandpa stopped the car and I ran out and screamed so Fred squashed him.

Well, gotta go play with Camilla. Bye.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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