Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I’m Back to Italy!!

Hi Everybody, I’m Back to Italy

I’m having so much fun here. When I got to the airport when we got here, I thought Camilla would be at home waiting for me. But she was at the airport with Snoopy. Here’s a picture of Snoopy and us. Isn’t that cute?

Two days after we got back, guess what? Do you know what? Tommy slept over!! That was fun (even though I barely got any sleep.) Tommy, Camilla and I had a lot of fun swimming.

We also had a flexibility contest. Camilla won. We went to dinner that night at Il Portico. We went with Valentina and Riccardo.

After Tommy left, Camilla and I decided to do the tent in my room like we used to do. This time we used towels. When we’re in the tent we tell stories, watch movies and play with our pelux (stuffed animals.)

It’s really good to be with my friends. My birthday party is tomorrow and a lot of my friends from school and some new friends that I met will be here.

Camilla got new roller blades but she never wants to use them. I like using mine. I brought them with me so that I could do them with Camilla but she just doesn’t want to. She thinks it’s sort of boring. Here’s me rollerblading last night.

I am so glad to be in Tuscany with all the pretty views and beautiful sights and cute animals. It’s really rainy here—just kidding, it’s super hot. Think I’ll go in the pool.

See ya,


Cristina said...

Hey Casey! Gianna and Stella send their best across the hills. Have a great birthday party and enjoy your time here!

Under an Olive Tree said...

Hello KZ, Dante is at golf camp with his cousin and nephew, or he'd be writing this himself. It looks like you are having a great time. He'll see you next month, in Montepulciano!

Nancy said...

Casey, I'm so glad to see you posting! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun.

Have a wonderful birthday!


Barbara said...

Hey Casey, welcome back to Italy! I have a really easy recipe for brownies made in the microwave...would you like for me to send it to your nonna? I think you and Camilla could make the brownies all by yourself!

Janice said...

Hey, Casey. You look so happy to be back in Italy with your friends. Please keep us all posted about your adventures. Happy happy birthday to you!

Judy said...

Hi Casey - how exciting it must be for you to be back with tu sorella Italiana and all of your amici in Greve!

Thanks for posting the picture of you and Camilla at the airport - it is cool.

Hope your birthday party was lots of fun. I look forward to reading more of your posts this summer.


Anonymous said...

Ciao KZ,
Awesome video of you rollar skating in Tuscany!
You look so happy in the photos with your friends. I can tell they missed you too.
Have a wonderful time and post in your blog when you can.

chiaro di luna

MurphDogg said...

Hi Casey - just want to wish you a Happy Birthday! I saw Scratch the other day and he said he misses you, and then he caught a fly and ate it. Hope you are having fun!

Brian, Anna and Eric

KZ said...

Thanks everyone for writing the comments and yes, Barbara, I would like the recipe for the brownies. Bryan, did Scratch really eat a fly? Well, gotta fly.

I had a great birthday party and will tell you about it when I can.

Judith in Umbria said...

This post makes me very, very happy. You did a brave job of nine months away, and now you are returned. That's a reward system I can respect!

I would be afraid on those skates. Do you think Camilla might be a little afraid, too? If that is a possibility, then I think seeing you do it accident free might help. Just be patient.

Your Umbrian pal

Uncle Jeff said...

Such a lucky buckaroo to have to homes in two beautiful places. Im glad you are having fun with all your friends there. Yes Scratch ate a fly, you know him he will eat anything. Tell grandma and papa I said to have a gellato for me.

KZ said...

Hi Judith, I don't think Camilla's afraid to use them cuz she just thinks it's boring. I hope to see you. We might go over there some day while we're here.

Hi Uncle Jeff, at least he didn't eat a bird which he did one time. Wish you were here with us. I miss you and how's Scratch doing. Did he get skinner cuz of the protein he ate?

Anonymous said...

Casey, I'm just catching up with your blog from while you were in Italy. What fun.

By the way, you're a really good skater.


KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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