Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Newscast Project

Da due o tre settimane sto facendo qualcosa per la scuola......Oooops wrong language. The past couple of weeks, I have had a social studies project to work on with a group. The project was a newscast from the past. We got to chose what we could do it on. At first we were going to do it on Japan, but then I thought about what I know about and what I can do. I then thought about doing the Renaissance, because that is when Leonardo da Vinci lived. I really like him and his inventions. I remembered that he was Italian and that I speak Italian. So, in the newscast, I start out talking in Italian. Great idea, right. So we got the script together and who each of the characters were going to be. I was, of course, Leonardo Da Vinci. We filmed at my house. When we were done, my Gramma had to figure out how we were supposed to edit the movie we shot. After a long long time of trying to figure it out, she finally got all of the clips that we wanted together. It looked good and she did a real nice job, thank you Gramma. There were a couple things that we needed to add and change, though. When she figured out how to edit it, she showed me how to do it too. The next day, my group came over, yesterday, and we finished it.Well, most of it anyway. We were going to put it on a DVD, but we did something so it would not go on. So after they left, I had to redo all the things that we did and more. When I finished it looked like this.

I hope you think it was good. We worked really hard on it.
See you later

Monday, February 21, 2011

bday party

hey everyone
I got to go to a birthday party and I had a whole bunch of fun. It was mostly girls, there were only 2 other guys.
We went to Dave and Busters and then we went to the boardwalk to go bowling. I won the second game of bowling. Not much else happened this week.
See ya later

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's up

Hey everyone, I'm sorry I have not posted in about 2 months. Wait, two whole months, oh no.
But while I didn't post, I had a lot of stuff happen.
  • went to two winter camps
  • had a couple of school projects, I have one right now too
  • am not playing baseball this year
  • started going to a new Karate school
  • got on the honor role at school... again... yeah
  • am probably going to Egypt next winter break, depending on how it is there
  • did a whole bunch of other things that are not important

 My friend Gavin at the second camp.

 My friend Julian from the second camp.

 My friend Jesus from school.

 My friend Ashley at school.

 My friend Bradley at P.E at school

Picture of the sun... cool, right

One of my projects at school--abstract art

My friend Dominic at PEMyFriend Dominic at PE

My group for my project that I'm doing now.

So that is about all that is going on right now, I will try to post once a week.

see ya

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