Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm back home

Hey everyone I'm back home to Fattoria Viticcio. The first day when we got here we saw my friend Tommaso's parents at the coop. Then I went and got to see Tommaso. Here is a picture of him and me.

Then after we went to my home at Fattoria Viticcio. When we passed the sign that said Greve in Chianti I started singing, "I'm home , I'm home." I was so excited and I'm happy to be home.

At first, I didn't even want to leave San Diego but now I'm not leaving here. Oh, that's just like when I lived here for a year.

I've had a lot of fun here. Like three days ago, Camilla's family and I went to Aqua Village, a water park not quite like Soak City but fun. All the slides are fun but one. All go super fast down but there is one that goes super slow cause kids aren't heavy enough, I guess.

Camilla's more grown up this year but we still play like we always used to except with the balloons. There was no balloons this time.

We play with Happy Mais which is fun to make things with. I can even make a bike--very small bike. Here's a picture of penguins on the bikes.

Camilla and I have had so much fun on a donut in the pool. The donut is a green inflatable device that can carry you throughout the pool. Acutally, not that complicated.

I got to see my old tutor that I really like--Valentina. She did a lot of nice things for us. She gave us things and I got a really cool Leonardo da Vinci calendar. I'm Leonardo da Vinci's greatest fan. Next Thursday we're going to go to dinner with her and Ricardo.

The first night at Fattoria Viticcio, Signora Franca fixed her delicious, wonderful, unbeatable lasagna. That's Camilla's grandma. We all ate together like a family.

Signora Franca

Yesterday was the most amazing thing. It was so hot and muggy. We went to Castellina to get gelato and we ended getting two it was so good.

Well, that's all I have to say peoples. See you later.

da Casey


Barbara said...

I was a little worried when you didn't want t oleave San Diego, but I was sure once you got to Italy you'd be happy - and I was right! I'm glad you're home! We'll see you on Wednesday!

nancyhol said...

I can tell you are having a lot of fun. Your photos are great, especially the one with your friend, Tommaso. What handsome guys you are!

Mama said...

Hey Casey,

You look like you are having a wonderful time. How is the weather there? It is very hot here. I miss you and I'll see you when u get home. Momma loves you very very much

KZ said...

Now Barbara, I've already seen you today and it was good to see you and Art. When I look at the clock, I'll think of you and Judith of course.

Yep, Nancy, Tomasso's a really good friend. I bring him evey year pancake flour.

I'm glad you're reading my blog, mama. I'll see you when we get back to San Diego.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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