Friday, July 17, 2009

Sant' Antonio

We're at Sant' Antonio right outside of Montepulciano in Italy, but, too bad we're leaving tomorrow. It's nice here. I've been coming here since I was 4. I love it here. Tomorrow we're going someplace else that also I love, Fattoria Viticcio.

I have two special friends here as you've known before--Sofia and Filippo.

Lately Filippo has been making me laugh, hard-hard-hard. I've been having a great time. Sofia and I get along very well and we laugh together. When I first came to Sant' Antonio we couldn't talk to each other. But, now, as you know, I speak Italian so we can talk with each other. And Sofia's doing a good job speaking her English. When Sofia and I are talking, she wants to talk in English and I want to talk in Italian--what, cosa, chi, who.

Two nights ago there was a big dinner here for all the guests that are staying here. It was really fun. The kids had pizza, pasta, meat and dessert. There's a lot of kids here from different countries but we all manage to communicate with sign language. Some speak English, some speak Danish.

We haven't been driving anyplace when we were here. We just stay here and relax and I get to play with Sofia and Filippo and other children. And everything you see is beautiful.

Yesterday I played with Sofia and Filippo all day. At lunch with them, Filippo made us all laugh. Then after lunch their cousin Olivia came. She's coming again today. We played hide and seek.

Then we went to Sofia's grandfather's palazzo--a really big house, a mansion basically, that's about 400 years old--in Sarteano. It seems about as big as a football field times two because of the upper deck. The ceilings have amazing frescos on them.

There were two boxer dogs and the female had puppies. They are so cute. There's one that looks like a baby Sofia's dog named Caio. I really want to take one home with me but we can't.

Then we all went to dinner and had fun and played. And then we came home and went to bed. It was almost midnight.

Here's a slide show of all that stuff I just wrote about.

See you in Greve.


Peg Williams said...

Hi, Casey! Happy belated birthday! You look very handsome for an 11 year old guy!

It's fun to read your blog and try to follow all your travels. Hope you and your grandparents keep having fun and meeting wonderful friends! Please tell them Hi for me, and try not to poke your Grandma too much! Peg

Rebecca said...

It looks like you are having so much fun. We can't wait to go to Sant' Antonio next July. Loved your slideshow. The puppies are really cute!

Mom said...

Hey Casey looks like you are having fun. Wish we could be there with you. Love you lots and lots

Anonymous said...

Ciao KZ,
Finally, you are there in Italy! I can see you're having a great time.
Those puppies are so cute.

So, you must be in Greve now. Say hello to the lady that sells the wine and the kitty I met last year.

I love reading about your travels. Keep us up to date on what you are doing.

chiaro di luna

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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