Friday, January 23, 2009

Awesome People I Met

I met some people that are very important to our country. Can you guess which one is real?

This is George Washington and me. He didn't know what a blog was so my gramma had to say journal instead. He didn't know what a picture was. He said: "Are you making a portrait?"

This is Abraham Lincoln. He is two times taller than me. But where did his hat go?

Oh, here it is.

This is me and President Obama. He was really nice. He made good jokes. Don't I look like him?

And this is Snail. She's my good friend. I had a good time with her.

These boots were made for walking
and that's just what they did.
And now they can't walk anymore.
They're dead in D.C.
Poor boots!


Deborah said...

Hi Casey. I've had a lot of fun reading about your historic trip to DC. We took our kids there when they were your age. But we didn't get to be part of history like you!

nancyhol said...

Casey, I love all of the pictures with your new friends - they are great!

It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Washington for the inauguration. Thank you for sharing it with us.

KZ said...

Hi Deborah and Nancy, thank you for commenting. I'm glad you read my blog. Which one is your favorite from D.C.?

Chiocciola said...

What a nice post! I really like our photo!! Thanks for posting it!

This morning we had lots of snow; now we have freezing rain and it is very slippery walking around. The city looks very different from when you were here!!

KZ said...

Snail, one week too late. I wish I was there another week to see the snow. My gramma would have had to stay in the hotel. If you read some of my blogs when I think I was still in Italy, I told how she is the Queen of Klutz. So she would slip on the slippery sidewalks. We don't want that to happen do we. Once when I was trying to help her not to fall, I fell with her. That was in Ecuador when I did that.

When you go to Ecuador I hope you have fun. If you see the spitting iguanas can you take a picture of them and send it to me?


Chiocciola said...

I do remember you calling your grandma that! I bet she doesn't like it very much :)

I hope I get to go to Ecuador in March, and if I see a spitting iguana I'll try to take a picture - but what if it spits at me??

KZ said...

Spit back!

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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