Sunday, November 05, 2006

Borghetto's Victory

When I went to The Sagra del Tordo in Montalcino, I picked the winning Quartiere. The four quartieri are BORGHETTO, RUGA, PIANELLO e TRAVAGLIO. BORGHETTO e il Quartiere ha vinto. (BORGHETTO is the winning neighborhood.)

The competition was with archers. The archers were dressed like the real thing back in the medieval days. I liked it. We got front row seats thanks to our friends and papa.

This is a picture of the archers. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

And this one is me with the Borghetto flag and a bow and arrow.

We also saw the real parade and the practice. The real parade was much different. It was with horses and hunting dogs.

We stayed in a palazzo that was built in 1275. It was an old nobles house.

Now watch my video


Anonymous said...

Casey the Sagra del Tordo sound very exciting. I love your flags. Are you going to learn to throw them?

KZ said...

I'm curious who you are. Are you one of my friends?

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,

I am so sorry I forgot to sign my message. I think by now your grandmother will have told you that it was me.

I hope you count me amongst your friends!


Jeff said...

Looks like you had a very cool time little buckaroo. I watched your video with some of the girls from work and they think you are soooooo lucky. They also think you are quite the cutie. I love ya, keep being good and I will talk to you soon.


Palma said...

I'm so glad you had a good time at the Sagra! I have always wanted to go see that in Montalcino.
I love reading your blog. I am the crazy singing lady in the Slow Travel video with the "Slowchicks". I hope to meet you next summer.

Your friend, Palma

KZ said...

I think you are a crazy singer that I heard on the web the other day.

davi mondt lowman (elizabetta on slow travel) said...

ciao, casey -
i enjoyed reading about your experience at the sagra. i have also enjoyed being there and watching all the activities at the festa. when i was a little girl, i loved shooting my bow and arrow.

i live in southwest minnesota and i bring small groups of people on tour in tuscany. i have many friends in radda and i always come to greve when i am in italy. i hope to meet you and your grandparents next spring when i bring another tour to tuscany.

i am the mother of two boys who are all grown up now, but when they were little, they also loved transformers. i still have some of them.

keep up the good work in school!

Jill, Larry and Daniela said...

Hi Kz - Thanks for posting the video about the flags. It was super! We went to the archery competion too in 2005. There is so much emotion with each team. Lots of excitement and tears! We hope school is going well. Take care. Your friends in Seattle

Grandma Kim said...

Hi Casey,

I have been following your journey from Wisconsin. I saw a picture of you in your Packer PJs. Very attractive! I can tell that you are having a wonderful time. We will have our first snow here today.

Love, Grandma Kim

Annie M said...

Casey, I loved your video - you speak the Italian words beautifully! I love how you roll your RRRRRsss just right.

I saw the Siena Palio on television (RAI International) and it was so exciting (and a little bit scary to see the race course and the horses going so fast around all those curves).

The Sagra del Tordo sounds like a lot of fun, too.

Aren't the festivals in Italy great? I've been to a few and think they are such a special experience.

Tina in Tennessee said...

Ciao Casey,

It's Tina here and I just saw your video on the flags from the Sagra and Palio - WOW! It sounds like you had an amazing experience watching the competition.

Are you still enjoying the chocolate chip pancakes and Fruit Loops? I bet they're gone by now...

I am hoping to come over in the Spring sometime, so perhaps some new cereals will come with me.

A presto,

KZ said...

Hi Tina
This morning I had my chocolate chip pancakes--they are almost gone. I have been saving my Fruit Loops. I hope you come in May.

Thanks for telling me I speak Italian will--I don't want to talk in English anymore.

Grandma Kim, I liked hearing from you and I like my new pj's that you gave me. They are nice warm.

Daniela and her Parents, Yes, the sagra was exciting.

Davi, what were transformers like when your boys were little? LIke the ones now?

Grazie for writing to me.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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