Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Friend Gaby and B-Daman

My friend Gaby speaks English. I like that because most my friends here speak Italian but I'm learning to speak italian pretty good and sometimes I make a mistake and say things to Gaby in italian. She came over on Sunday to play.

She always wants to hold hands with me going to lunch, going to recess, going to everywhere when we go places. One time she sat next to me at lunch when I held hands with the boys. I said "for once can I sit with a boy?" And she said "what?" I think she likes me but not in the love way, just as a friend.

I got B-Daman just two days ago. And the reason I got them is because I got a perfect score in math which was 600 on the STAR test* and also trying hard in italy and because my italian is getting better. The names of my B-Daman are Cobalt Saber and Siphon Striker and this weird little guy that doesn't have a name. I think I will name him Laser Blaster.

I took this picture.

I am getting out of school early today so that we can go to a big medieval festival in Montalcino with an archery contest. I'll tell you about it next week. We are going to be gone for 6 days.

*(added by grandma) The STAR test is California's achievement test which he took last May.We just received the scores now.


Jane said...

Hi KZ, It's Jane. The "love" part of your post sounds sort of weird! Gaby looks nice. It's nice that she can speak english with you. See you soon, Jane

Anonymous said...

Dear KZ (nice nickname),

I miss you. I hope you are having fun in Italy. I got a 600 too on my Math Star exam! We are smart boys! Oh yeah, remember that tape of you riding your scooter? Did you crash at the end? I hope you didn't, but it would be funny if you did. I got a 106 pieces of coandy trick or treating. Did you go trick or treating? I don't know if they have that in Italy. Gabby seems like a nice girl.
Do you miss home?


KZ said...

Hi Jacob,
We don't have trick or treating in Italy and I didn't crash into the wine bottles. And you are right, GAby is a nice girl. And also you are right. We both are smart boys because we got the whole STAR test right in math. On halloween night I stayed in a 500 year old fortress. Read my blog and I am going to tell about it next. I like that you like my nickname.

Anonymous said...

Hi KZ,

It was soooo good having you here in Nice. You made thanksgivings one the best I ever had. I love you buddy and I look forward seeing you in Italy.

Uncle Benny

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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