Monday, November 13, 2006

Il Fantasma di Viticcio

Here is a video of me saying my story in Italiano. After the video you can read what it means in English. Don't be scared. It's not a real story. It's a mystery.

The Ghost of Viticcio

In 2006 I was at Viticcio in my room when the ghost arrived in my room. He was funny.

At a certain point the lights went out in my house and the window opened and a big owl entered my room and I was scared.

I turned all the lights on and then there was nothing left and the window was closed.


Viticcio is where I live.


Typesetter said...

Excellent, KZ! Really, really very good Italian! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,

Nice job with the Italian. Looks like you are having a great time in Italy. Keep up the good work.

Cousin Susan in PA

Jeff said...

Hey buddy, you are doing such a great job with your Italian. I tell ya, I am one proud uncle. You sure are one smart buckaroo.


Chiocciola said...

Wow, what great Italian! I have been following your and your grandma's blogs and I am so impressed with how you have adapted to life in Italy and learned the language! Auguri! Also a very good story!

When I was in high school I spent a year in Panama and I didn't know any Spanish when I got there but like you know, it goes quite fast to learn a language when you hear it all the time. It was scary at first but then fun.

Palma said...


Good story, and WONDERFUL Italian. I wish I could read it as well as you! Keep up the good work!
Love these videos!


Sz & Larry said...

KZ--good job on the Italian. You are learning way faster than I am! Next time it would be nice if you could also add the Italian words to your blog! Ciao, Sz

Ann said...

Way to go, KZ! Your Italian is really coming along - I am so proud of you. Aloha, Auntie Ann at Sunset Beach

chiaki said...


I don’t speak Italian (yet) but I really enjoyed watching this video clip. You have a captivating screen presence. Perhaps, a career as a film star is in your future (by the way, you already are a bright little star!).



KZ said...

THANK YOU ALL--for leaving me nice comments. I like hearing from you. I can't wait to see you in May Auntie Ann.

Annie M said...

Great story Casey! You're doing so well with your Italian. I'm really enjoying your blog and, especially, your videos.

Ciao Ciao!
Annie M

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey - bravo! Parla bene l'italiano... e che bella storia.


Leslie said...

Hey Casey, I would give you an "A" for that story! I will share it with my kids tomorrow.

They like your blog. :)

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed your video! Thank you for doing it!

I am one of the Slow Trav people, and I have been reading your blog and your grandma's too, and I am enjoying them a lot.


KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


I hope you enjoy it. And I really, really like reading comments.

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