Friday, October 20, 2006

My Scooter

This is me riding my scooter at Fattoria Viticcio where I live. I'm pretty good at it and can ride with just one hand. My grandma was afraid I was going to hit the wine bottles, but I didn't. My uncle Jeff sent the scooter from San Diego.

Camilla can ride her roller blades when I am doing my scooter. Here is a picture of us.


Cracker said...

Hi KZ,
My name is Cracker on Slow Travel. I really like your Blog. I have two grandsons just your age, their names are Nicholas and Thomas. I think that their names are the same as your two Italian friends , Niccolo and Tommaso.

I will look forward to reading more about your adventures in Italy on your blog.


Ring said...

Hey KZ - nice wheels! You looked sharp on the video clip - I don't think the wine bottles were ever in danger. How was your afternoon at Tommaso's house? How many kids are in your class?

I thought I had left you a comment on your other post, but looks like it vanished. Anyway, I was very proud to be mentioned in your blog, even if it's only because I have a weird name :D

Guess what? My sister Bracelet (her name is really Catherine) says to tell you hello. She likes your blog too.

A domani, amico!


soultravelers3 said...

Hey KZ !

We love your blog! It is very cool.We are from California too and are living in Europe.I miss my scooter,but it was fun seeing you ride yours.

We have a blog too at and maybe I will do one too.It looks fun! Italy sounds great.I hope we meet someday. when we come to Italy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,

I enjoyed reading about your scooter.

We gave my husband a surprise trip to Italy for his 60th birthday. We also bought him a little scooter like yours (at that time adults were riding them a lot here in Vancouver).

He loved the scooter and rode it everywhere in Italy. We always laugh about him riding it in Greve in the piazza. As you know the piazza slopes down a little, so he got a good, but bumpy ride.

I don't think there were many of those scooters in Italy at that time, so I am sure all of the adults thought this grown man looked pretty silly on his little scooter.

We may have a photo of him on it in Greve. If I can find it I will send it to you.

A few years before this he broke his wrist roller blading in Jasper National Park. He is actually a very serious engineer - but likes to have fun and be a bit silly when he is not working!



KZ said...

Cracker, Ring, Sheena and Soul Traveler
Thank you for writing comments on my blog. Tonight I got pepper in my eye.
Sheena, I would like to see the picture riding on his scooter.
Soul Traveler, if you come and see us, I can let you use my scooter.

Jane said...

Hi Casey - It is Jane your friend from Florence. I like your website. Maybe you can come to mine. The name is Lemon Orange Strawberry. We are trying to get the video of your scooter to work, but it doesn't (my mom thinks because our internet is slow). We are getting a car on Friday (October 27) so I hope we can visit you soon. Bye!!!!!!!!
FROM: JANE FINTA!!!!!! : ) <-----sideways smiley face!!

Trina said...

I miss you very very much and love you lots and lots.


Judith in Umbria said...

Ciao, KZ! Sono Giuditta, l'amica della tua nonna. Ci vedremo a presto.
Mi piaceva tanto il tuo blog.
Forse possiamo cucinare insieme tra poco?

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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