Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why I Don’t Want to Leave Italy

You know why I don’t want to leave Italy? Here’s a list.

Camilla, Camilla, Camilla

I don’t want to leave Camilla because she’s my sister. And she’s really fun to play with. She’s fun to play with because she doesn’t like a lot of girl things. She doesn’t even like Barbie. She likes to play with stuffed animals, go outside and play and go swimming, like any normal girl.

We built a little house outside and we play in there a lot. We built it out of wine barrels, wood pallets, tarps and thick wooden sticks on top. We watched my DVD in there and then we went back in the house. Then it rained and I remembered I left my DVD player out there. When I went to get it, I got shocked. Good thing I didn’t get hit by lightening!

This Is Our House

I also like her because we talk a lot and never stop. When I stay at their house, every night Alessandro has to come in and tell us to go to sleep and stop talking. He says “shhh. Sono le dieci. Dormiti.” That means: shh. It’s ten o’clock. Go to sleep.

I also like her because we never fight or argue or anything. And, she’s pretty.

The Scenes, The Scenes, The Scenes

I also don’t want to leave Italy because of the beautiful scenes. You don’t see anything like this in any other country. That’s why I really like Italy. When it’s turning dark, the clouds turn a pinkish, orangish, reddish color and it’s so pretty.

And from our house that we built we could see a big view but now we can’t because there’s a bunch of wooden sticks in the front but we can still get to it.

The vines are really pretty. One of the most beautiful places was Campastrello. It was pretty because there were vines and a big pretty sky and there were really tall mountains with green on them.

The Whole Landini Family

I am going to miss my whole Landini family plus Sara. They are all nice and fun. Alessandro makes mozzarella in carroza which is fantastico. He also makes hamburgers fantastico. He’s fun because he plays with me. Same with Nicoletta.

Signora Franca is a really good cook. I always like her food. She is really nice to me, too.

Sara’s not a Landini but she’s still really nice. She really likes chocolate especially chocolate chip cookies. My grandma makes her the cookies. They are the best chocolate chip cookies other than the ones Barbara gave me.

Finally, I Will Just Miss Everything About Italy

I really don’t want to leave but I’m coming back next year for 4 weeks. That’s the good thing.

Gotta Go, Bye


Barbara said...

I understand why you don't want to leave Italy Casey! We have to leave too and it makes us sad.

We'll see you next weekend when you come to Umbria....would you like me to bring some chocolate chip cookies...or something else?

KZ said...

Barb, Casey, who is too busy with Camilla, asked me to please tell you he would like you to bring cookies!!

jan said...


I love your new haircut!
I know why you don't want to leave Italy--you have good taste!


Terry (teaberry) said...

KZ, I like your new haircut too. Lucky you to be able to go back to Italy again and again. And I love the house you built with Camilla. Have fun!

Chiocciola said...

Casey, I really liked this post. I can see that you love Toscana and your friends there! Camilla seems like a very fun friend. I am sure you will stay friends forever.

Deborah said...

The Mohawk looks very cool on you.
I know that leaving your second home will be hard. But lucky you that you have two such wonderful homes and families!

KZ said...

Who are you, Jan? Thanks for liking my haircut. Same with you Terry. It didn't take long to build the house so you can build one too if you have wine barrels.

Snail, yes, we will stay friends forever and I really miss her a lot.

Ken said...

Hey, Casey,
I met you in Savannah. Remember we had dinner together at that Thai restaurant???

Do you remember?

KZ said...

Jan, my gramma told me that after I asked. I remember you now. You are very nice.

Ken said...

that last comment was from me, Jan NOT Ken. My husband is Ken too. And the computer was on his email.
Sorry for the total confusion.


Ken said...

that last comment was from me, Jan NOT Ken. My husband is Ken too. And the computer was on his email. I think it still is, but it's me.
Sorry for the total confusion.


KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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