Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bye Italia—Hello San Diego

Today we’re leaving Italy and going back home. I can’t wait to get home although it is sort of sad leaving Camilla. Waa-waa-waa waa waa. I can’t wait to see Scratch and my Uncle Jeff and my friends.

I have a big day coming up when we get home. It’s my baptism. My friend Uncle Benny is going to baptize me at the beach or should I say in the bay. And also it’s going to a picnic/barbecue.

The last thing we did in Italy was a get-together with my good friends, Judith, Barb and Art, Mary, Rita and Lina and new friends Maurizio, Rhian and Michele. Rhian is from Wales but she lives in London. She’s a professional cellist and plays with Elton John and other rock stars. I had fun with Rhian. We went swimming and we played the Nintendo WII.

Rhian and Me

Barb, Art and Me

Judith and Me

Mary and Me

Oops—it’s now 4 days later. I’ve been sick and so I couldn’t finish this. Sorry for the wait, folks. I had the stomach flu and slept 20 hours out of 24 for three days. And today I’m better.

Today’s the party for the Benatti’s and I can’t wait for tomorrow because I have my baptism. Baptism means showing everybody that you love God and that He’s your Savior.

This is my Uncle Benny. He’s a missionary. This was taken several years ago when I was little.

By the way, I’m bald now. I don’t have my mohawk anymore.

Well, see you later folks.


Anonymous said...

Ben tornato a casa Casey!
Sono contenta a sentire che stai meglio e tanti auguri per il tuo battesimo.

Tua nonna sa chi sono io. Io commento sul suo blog. Vivo in Kansas City, Mo. da 40 anni, ma sono nata nella bella Sicilia.

A presto,

lara said...

Ciao !!! Come stai ? meglio?. I really hope you feel better. maybe you were so sad to leave sweet Camilla and all your friends that you decided to follow sleep for 20 hours ... to don't think about it...I had the same at my stomach a few weeks ago and was so painfull but you are strong and I am sure now you are certainly playing with all your amici di san diego. A big hug. lara ciaooooo

Chiocciola said...

Ciao KZ, sorry to hear you were sick!! Hope you feel better. Congratulations on your baptism and ben tornato!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling better Casey. There is nothing worse than feeling unwell.

Congratulations on your baptism. I trust it went well and you had a good picnic.

Does school begin tomorrow? I am sure you are looking forward to getting back together with all of your school friends.


KZ said...

Hi Sheena, school starts in two days. Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing my school friends but some won't be there since they were in 5th grade and so now they're going to middle school. Well, gotta go, bye.

Judith in Umbria said...

What an array of friends you have! Have a wonderful last elementary year, Casey.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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