Monday, August 11, 2008


Last Friday my first Italian tutor came to Fattoria Viticcio. Her name is Lara. She was my tutor in San Diego when I was first learning Italian before we went to Italy. She lives in Mantova now. And she came a long way to visit us. I really like her. I had fun with her because we went swimming and played soccer and frisbee. Camilla liked her, too.

Me and Lara.

When she was my tutor she was really good. She made it fun to learn and made it less scary to move to Italy.

She gave me a cool constellation thing that shows and tells the names of the constellation. I don't have batteries yet so I don't know what it does. I am really interested in scientific stuff like that.

That day Valentina came to meet her. Valentina came because they were both my tutors and both really good ones. Both made learning fun.

Lara and Valentina

Laura was really surprised about my Italian because when she taught me I didn't know one single word except ciao, spaghetti, pizza, lasagna and pasta. My mom thinks if you say pizza or any name of food they're speaking Italian.

We all went to the piazza together. For her it was interesting. But it's not as pretty because it's a parking lot now. I really appreciated that she came. Thank you, Lara

Gotta go. Bye


lara said...

Ciao Casey !!!
it was so nice for me too to see you, to meet Camilla and ascoltarti parlare con l'accento toscano!!!
I had a great day . I 'll read your blog and keep in touch with you. Un abbraccio lara

tourmama said...

Hey Casey - thanks for keeping us posted on your wonderful summer in bella Italia. I love reading your blog entries, and looking at your pictures.

Sounds like you will be really sad to leave, but you will be taking some fabulous memories back to San Diego with you, and I know you will be back next summer! And how lucky you are to have una bella sorella in Toscana.

By the way - have you bought an airline ticket for your llama yet? Or does he go back to tha animal park when you leave.

Judy (also a nonna)

by the way - saw the pictures of you on your nonna's blog with your new mohawk haircut. Very cool!

Chiocciola said...

Wow, your tutors must be so impressed with how you have kept up with your Italian! Tua nonna dice que parli propio come un toscano! Sei molto bravo. Spero che stia bene!! Ciao!

Anonymous said...

Wow Casey, that is quite the haircut! Are you going to keep that style back in San Diego? I can see all the boys in your class wanting a Mohawk! I must say I am glad you didn't talk Camilla into having her hair cut in the same style.

What a wonderful summer you have had, and how lucky you are to have such close friends in Italy. Camilla and Sophia will miss you, but I hear your Nonna has already booked next year's visit.

It is so interesting 'watching' you grow up through your bog - keep it up.


KZ said...

Lara, a big hug to you, too.

Tourmama, your name's too hippy. And, yea, Fred's coming with us, too. Thank you for liking my mohawk.

Snail, it's good to hear from you. How's your traveing?

KZ said...

Sheena, I think that's a good idea. I'll tell Camilla.

Yes, the boys would want one except that I'm cutting it off when I get home.

Thank you for reading my blog, Sheena. I'm going to keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Ciao KZ,

I see by your counter that you will be flying home in just over 1 day. I can see you've had a wonderful holiday in Italy and have already made your plans to return in 2009! How exciting for you.

Have a great trip home and keep writing in your blog when you get a chance.

I bet Scratch and Uncle Jeff can't wait to see you soon.


chiaro di luna, (whose off to Italy in just a month)

Chiocciola said...

Thanks KZ, my travels are going well! My little sister came to visit me for ten days, which was a lot of fun. We spent time in the city (went to the pool many times) and also went to the beach for three days - fun!!

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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