Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Super Animal Country

Yesterday my grandparents and I went to a place I call The Super Animal Country but it is really called Parco Naturale di Cavriglia. It had a lot of cool animals and there were llamas on the loose. They had chickens there and after a while they went crazy and I don't know why. They had parrots and there were some very beautiful ones. There was a pheasant.

We also saw a horse as you can see on the slide show--A Touch of the Wild West. He had a lot of some kind of fly that sucks blood from animals and people. It looks more like a bee than a fly.

When we got to a certain point of the park we saw monkeys, ostriches and cashmere goats.

We had a hard time getting into our car and so we had to take this llama home. I named him Fred. Ahh--stop kicking me, Fred.

On the way back, there was one of those weird flies in the back with me. I got so freaked out. My grandpa stopped the car and I ran out and screamed so Fred squashed him.

Well, gotta go play with Camilla. Bye.


Anonymous said...

HI Casey,
It looks like you are really having fun in Italy. We saw some animals recently too, deer. That wasn't here, but in Wisconsin. You have to watch out for bears there too, but I didn't see any, only horses and cows. So glad you're having a good time there, but we miss seeing you. Can't wait until you are back.


Aunt Joyce

Anonymous said...

Hello Casey,

Ciò è zio Benny. Felice di sentirlo stanno avendo divertimento in Italia. Sguardo in avanti vedente lo presto qui a San Diego piena di sole. Ti amo compagno! Ciao

PS. I hope I said the right things, I just wanted to impress you with my Italian, but I don't have a clue what the computer translator said. I know that TI amo means I love you.

tourmama said...

Casey, you are TOO funny! Please say hi to Fred for me.

And thanks for telling us about this park - we are hoping to be somewhere near Greve with our 4 1/2 year old granddaughter next summer, and I know she would like to visit it.

Do they give llamas to everyone who visits? Or only special Caseys?


KZ said...

Hey Tourmama, yesterday Fred squashed me because he thought I as an overgrown fly. No,they don't give llamas to everybody. Just us because he was in our way. Ahh--stop kicking me Fred.

Aunt Benny, you need to work on your Italian but I love you anyway. See you and Uncle Joyce when we get back from Italy.

Aunt Joyce, where in Wisconsin did you see the horses and cows? In a farm, in a house or just plain out in the country?

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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