Sunday, July 06, 2008

My New Friend Kate

Last week at Viticcio I met a girl named Kate from Seattle. Camilla and I had fun with her. Here’s a picture of Camilla, Kate and I having lunch together in our apartment.

Kate was 8 when I met her. Her birthday is July 2 which is three days before mine. Mine is July 5 which was yesterday and I didn’t enjoy it because I had a horrible ear ache. Read my blog entry My Horrible Birthday.

Kate had a birthday party with cake at 8:30 pm. It was fun. Then Camilla came and gave Kate two little bouncy balls. I gave her some presents in the morning. This is a picture of Kate and I at the party.

I really liked Kate but she drove me batty because she always said—I’m a power ranger, pokemon, yu-gi-oh, gormiti, dragon slayer and at the same time I’m a unicorn. She said it in a very high voice.

I hope I see her again.
See ya..

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