Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My New Room

Remember what my room looked like before? Check it out here. Well, it doesn't look like that any more. It looks--how do I say it?-----


My Grandpa and Uncle did a really good job on it. I really like my room and am going to show it to all my friends. Here's a video of me showing it to you. It's really special to me and I appreciate it a lot.


Anonymous said...

Ciao KC,
Your Charger's Room is very impressive! Your grandparents and uncle did an amazing job redecorating it.
You are a very fortunate young lad to have such wonderful people in your life.
So, how is the Boston Red Sox team doing? Have you been following any of their games?
It won't be long until you are off to Italy for the summer. I hope you have a chance to post a few times when you are there.
chiaro di luna

KZ said...

Hi Chiaro di Luna
No, I haven't been following the Red Sox. I can't find them playing. The Red Sox are in first place.

I'll try to write in Italy if I can. It might be hard but I'll try.

I'm in the middle of Vampires in Ottawa book. I read the Murder on the Canadian. It was really good.
Ciao, Bye.

Anonymous said...

Casey, I love your new room! It's very cool and it's very YOU! I bet your friends will love hanging out in such a fun room. I loved meeting you and going with you and your Grandpa and Grandma to Tybee Island. I'll be sending you some photos soon of you and a big alligator. Take care. Only a few more weeks of school, then ITALY! Yippee! See ya, Barb Cabot

lara said...

Ciao !!!! You are so lucky...your room is a dream.Are you able to sleep in a room like that ... you probably didn't sleep the first night. didn't you?You give me a good idea for my room too but it 'll be all red and black : MILAN!!!!!ciao a presto

KZ said...

Barb, I can't wait to see the picture? Are you going to be in Italy when we go? I'd like that.

Lara, that was funny what you said. I sort of like Milan but not that much. I like Fiorentina.

Anonymous said...

Hi KZ (or KC),

I read your Italy blog. I liked the skittles and the swimming pictures...and the birthday party and the dungeon. I am moving to Italy for one year with my mom and dad this summer. It made me happy to see youor blog and know that I'm goiong to have a good time in Italy.

Danielle (Age 6 and a half)

Dante in Italy said...

I love your room it's cool.

I only have one question: how did you put it on the blog?

visit my blog at www.danteinitaly.blogspot.com

I am starting to write on it again. I lived in NY but now I am in Italy. I'm 9 too.

by Dante

Anonymous said...

Cool room, dude!! Jacob also wakes up to LT when he's at home with his dad. Good to see you at baseball this season. Hope you are having fun in toc.

Jacob's mom

Chiocciola said...

You are right, it is awesome! Really cool room. I just watched the video now, I was a little slow! Have a great summer in Italy.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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