Friday, May 23, 2008

For Judith

These are pictures for my room, Judith because you can't see the video. They are also for my Uncle Dan because if he looks at my blog, he couldn't see the video either.

This guy is LT. He is the running back on the Chargers.

Here's a good picture of my fan and the Charger bolt.

Here's my name that was done in Maui by a very funny guy. He had only done it for a week. At least that is what he said. I believed that but really he's been doing it for years.

Here's my doggy Scratch with my favorite stuffed animal, Nike.

Do you like these, Judith?

See you all soon.


Judith in Umbria said...

Wowser, Kayce! That's great! Thanks for finding me another way to see it.

KZ said...

You're welcome, Judith. Did you like the picture of Scratch? Today I have stomach ache so I can't go to school.

Anonymous said...

Hi KC,
Only a couple of weeks until you fly to Italy!!!
You must be excited to be going over to visit with your friends.
I know you'll have a wonderful trip.

I love that photo of Scratch. Is your uncle taking care of him again while you are gone? Your room is awesome!!!

Have a wonderful trip!

KZ said...

Anonymous--who are you?

Anonymous said...

it is Chiaro. I forgot to sign my above comment.
chiaro di luna

KZ said...

Ciao Chiaro,
How come you forgot your name? This is the first time. I am really excited and I love that picture of Scratch, too. I took the picture because when I saw that I thought that was so cute. Yes, my uncle's taking care of my dog, Scratch. And he's going to let him up on the couch which he's not allowed to because he'll get hair all over the couch.

Anonymous said...

Hi KC,
I know about dogs on the couch. Mine aren't suppose to get up there either, but they do when no one is looking.
They went to the groomers to have a bath and their nails done today and then over to the vets for their vaccinations. Expensive! Meanwhile, the cat ran away, and came back when the rain started.
Well, I see you will be off to Italy very soon. I know you will have a wonderful time. I can't wait for our trip to Italy at the end of the summer.

KZ said...

Dear Chiaro, Scratch goes up on the couch even when people are looking. I can't wait till I go. The best part of going is that I'll see Camilla and my other other friends. Da Casey

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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