Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Awesome Creation

At school, instead of the science fair we had the Invention Convention where we had to invent something useful. So, I decided to invent the Robotic Toaster Cannon.

First you put the bread in the opening on the top and then, once the bread is in, you turn on the heating pads by turning the left knob. Once the bread's ready, you push the button on the top on the left side that sprays the butter. Once that's ready, you aim with the right knob and push the red button and the toast shoots out the slots and goes "splat" on the plate.

The toaster cannon is useful because you won't burn your hands anymore, there's no work with the bread but there is some work with the knobs and buttons and everything.

I tried the bread and I said, "Not bad!" Ha Ha.

If you want to buy one, it's only $99.99. If you buy it today, you get the Net Blaster to shoot away the pesty flies. You can change the size of the net (extra nets not included.)

Call today at 1-800-Eat Toast (1-800-328-86278)


lara said...

Your creation è magnifica!!
Do you think it can be used also with the italian panino? Or maybe only with slices of pane toscano?
Bravo. Anche il video è veramente simpatico. Ciao

Anonymous said...

Casey I love your invention! Very creative and useful! Shall I place my order for one now? Barb Cabot

KZ said...

Thank you molto!, Lara

You'll get it. The next time I see you, I'll bring you a real functioning one. Do you have $99.99 plus tax?

lara said...

I do .So,it's a deal!

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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