Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sharks Swim--I Drive... or... from Hawaii to Savannah

I'm Back-------aaaaaaaaaa--a shark got me. Haaaaa...just kidding.

For Spring break I went to Hawaii. First we went to the island of Maui where I made two friends. One was named James and the other was named Sebastian. I had fun with both of them. James left two or three days earlier than us. He was either 8 or 9. Sebastian was eleven years old but in fifth grade.

While we were on Maui we went to a really cool aquarium. They had turtles there and hammerhead sharks and one leopard shark. There was a big water tank with two guys in it with a bunch of fish and sharks but they didn't eat them. Did you know that most sharks that killed people were by accident. They thought the people on the boards were seals because they have very bad eyesight. But they have a very good sense of smell. They can smell blood over a mile away.

Here's a picture of a manta ray in the tank.

Here's a video of the aquarium.

After Maui we went to Oahu and I slept over at my friend's Reese's house for two nights. He lives right on Sunset Beach with turtles. Gramma and Papa stayed with Ann and Paul who are good friends of ours. Gramma thinks they have the perfect house--but it really isn't good for kids--except the beach part.

This is me and Reese.

This is Ann

When we were going to get shaved ice and I saw a seal. Nobody believed me but we went back and I was right. It was an Hawaiian monk seal.

One day we went to a waterfall. While I was taking pictures of this peacock, he started squawking and it scared me half way to death. I remember it as if it was two weeks ago.

After we went there, we went back to San Diego for a week and then we went to Savannah. I finally met Chiaro di Luna. She was really, really nice and I really like her. She brought me an original Red Sox baseball shirt because she asked a question on my blog of what teams I liked. I told her the Red Sox and the Chargers and so she gave me a Red Sox shirt and I was so happy. Thank you, Chiaro. I wish you said OK to your picture, but since you said no, I won't.

One day we had a Slow Travel gathering and I was bored there for a while. Then Mary, said "OK, I'll let you use my scooter." I didn't know what she meant but when she showed me I got excited. I went out into the square and rode it. Here's a video of it. Thank you, Mary.

Another day we went to lunch with Barb on Tybee Island. We went to a place called the Crab Shack. After we ate, I got to feed alligators with a stick or pole made out of bamboo. There was this one alligator that just ate the whole bag of meat. While they eat, they go into the water. It is weird and I don't know why.

Ahhhhhhh--the gnats got me! Gotta go, bye.


Anonymous said...

Ciao KC,
Nice to see a blog entry from you. I really enjoyed meeting you and your grandparents too. Mr.Chiaro and I are so happy you like the Red Sox shirt. I had to make a choice between the shirt and Skittles...and the shirt won out, as we are baseball fans like you.
Boy, you got a lot closer to those alligators than I did! And that is a "cool" video of you on Rome Addict's scooter.

chiaro di luna

lara said...

Ciaooooooooooooooooo Casey!!!!!!!!
Il toscano!!!!!
come stai? Sono Lara.
I have been reading your magnifico blog, your fanny videos and bellissime foto. Did you make the video at the acquario ? Mi piace tanto.I have also read that back to San Diego at the beginning you missed a lot your italian friends specially Camilla or your amici alla Cantinetta (che bel posto!!!)but you have a lot of friends there too.... not a scooter but...many other bellissime cose.
I'll write una barzelletta "joke" because you have Scratch and this barzelletta is about dogs ...

Un tipo racconta ad un amico:
- Avevo un cane ferocissimo. Così l'ho mandato ad una scuola di rieducazione.
- E gli è servito?
- Si che gli è servito. Adesso prima di mordere qualcuno si mette il tovagliolo!

well maybe you know some barzellette funnier than mine ...
Ciao KZ ci sentiamo presto!!!!!
Ciao Toscanoooooooooo

KZ said...

Chiaro di Luna, I might have wanted the Skittles. Just kidding! Thanks again for all the gifts you gave me.

KZ said...

Ciao Lara,
Mi piace quella barzelletta. é molto buffo. Mio cane Scratch lo fa quello.

I'm glad you like my blog and I am going to be putting another movie on soon of my room.

Vieni a visitare me a Greve.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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