Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Friend Ryan and Pokemon

My friend Ryan is a really good friend. He is really helpful when it comes to Pokemon. Pokemon are these cute little animals that have powers. Most of them are cute but some of them aren't. It is also a Gameboy game and that is what Ryan helps me with. There is one version called Crystal and that's what he helps me on. He's an expert at that. I'm an expert at Fire Red version which is my favorite. And I have a really strong Pokemon.

My pokemon's name is Charizard and I have another one named Pidgeotto and another one named Mankey. Mankey is a monkey pokemon. His nose is like a pig but his body is like a monkey. Pokemons are like pets but they battle. You don't go to a pet store and buy them. They are wild and you have to catch them. I wish they were real because it would be fun battling my friends. If I found a Pikachu, I would name him Sparky cuz he is a pokemon that looks sort of like a cat but he's yellow and he has red cheeks where electricity comes of and then it shocks you like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

As I was saying my friend Ryan is really fun but the problem is that when there is one bee outside he does not get in the pool. He is scared of bees a lot. I don't like it when he doesn't get in the pool. I told him we only have honey bees not stinging bees. But it doesn't help. He says that they're drones, no matter what.

We talk on the phone a lot. Sometimes 45 minutes. Other times a half hour. Sometimes we are both playing pokemon at the same time and we tell each other what's happening.

Sometimes when he's helping and I say "I think you should do.........." he says "Stop helping me or I'm going to turn it off without saving it" (you save it so that you don't have to do things over and over again). I don't like it when he does that. But he's still my friend in San Diego.

There are some strange coincidences between me and Ryan. Our moms have the same first name. My middle name is Ryan and his name is Ryan. We were born on the same day and in San Diego. We go to the same school and are in the same classroom. This is weird, isn't it?

Here's a picture of me---Ninja Casey.


Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
I like your Ninja picture, very cool. Do you collect Pokemon trading cards? They seem to be very popular with my grandsons these days. I'm glad to hear that you are still enjoying school.

We are going to a restaurant called Cin Cin this weekend, thanks for teaching me how to say it correctly. It is one of my favorites and I think of you everytime I go.

KZ said...

Do you have a pace of going slow? Cuz your middle name is Pace.

I love Pokemon cards. I have 200 of them.

Have a nice dinner. Mrs. Pace of Going Slow

Palma said...

Hi Casey,

I heard that you are not coming to the Slow Travel weekend in Palm Desert, but I'm sure you will have fun with your Uncle Jeff. I am having 48 people for dinner. That is a LOT of cooking! I hope you will come to visit another time, so you can meet my dog, Ego. Here is a coincidence: My name is Palma and I live in Palm Desert!

Pat said...

Hi Casey,

This is the first time for me to post on your blog, although I do read it now and then, just to see what you are up to.

I thought you might be interested in this website, since you like Pokemon so much. My Daughter in Law works for Pokemon and helped develop this site for kids to play and learn.

Check it out!


KZ said...

Hi Pat, I really like that website. I like learning and Pokemon and there it's put together. Awesome!! I gave the website address to my teacher. She is going to show it to the class once she gets a new bulb for the machine. Have a good trip to Italy. I wish it were me.

Talk to you soon.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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