Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bye-Bye Scooter, I Got New Wheels

I left my scooter in Italy. I gave it to my good friend Tommi so that he could have it.

My gramma promised me she would get me something in San Diego because I got a very good report card in Italy but she didn't tell me what it was. When we got home, she told me it would be either a skate board or roller blades. I chose roller blades.

The day I got them my Uncle Jeff (the one who has the shrimp finger) took me to Patrick Henry High School to learn how to use my roller blades. My Uncle Jeff is the one who took me to buy them.

I really like them. They are a lot of fun. But, I miss my scooter.

Here's a video of me on my roller blades and a picture of my uncle with his shrimp finger. My uncle is real funny. I was laughing real hard.

This is in the park across the street from my house.


Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
I hope you had a fun Halloween with lots of candy. What kind of costume did you wear?
Your roller blades sound like lots of fun, I'll bet you are a whiz on them. Uncle Jeff's shrimp finger was very funny, tell him hello for me.

KZ said...

Hi Cracker, I was a Ninja for Halloween. I'll tell my Uncle Jeff hello for you. I'm going to see him tomorrow. I thought that my Uncle's shrimp finger was funny too. I am very good on my roller blades.

Bye, Casey

Jilll, Larry and Daniela said...

Ciao Casey!
That was really nice of you to give your friend your scooter. I bet every time he uses it he thinks of you! Have you found anyone in San Diego to talk Italian with?

Daniela enjoyed halloween this year, her first time trick or treating. She was a pesce. She liked putting her hand in the candy bowl, but could never decide what to pick, so her mom and dad had to help her.

Thanks for keeping up your blog. We enjoy reading it.

Ciao, your friends in Seattle
Jill, Larry and Daniela

KZ said...

Hi Jill, Larry and Daniela,
I have an Italian teacher to talk Italian with. Her name is Yolanda. What did Daniela look like as a fish. Can you send a picture to my e-mail.
What kind of candies did you pick for her? Bye, Casey

Pat said...


We have something else in common.

I learned to in-line skat way before you were born, in 1991 and I still do. I love it! Here, in Western NY, I can skate along the Erie Canal that is paved for miles and miles.

So glad to see you are protecting your noggin with that helmet. Someday I'll tell you about my one and only fall that sent mt to the hospital for some tests. No helmet...dumb.

BUT, the number one injury for skating is a broken wrist, so go get yourself some wrist guards!

Just what you need! Another butt-insky! :)


KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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