Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I'm at school again

hi every one, I'm at school in the library on the computer.
It's a good day today at school. We're all laughing at something now,
Bye everyone


Anonymous said...

Ciao Casey,
Isn't it great that you can blog from school. So what was so funny?
My granddaughter now goes to nursery school. It is called Montessori. She loves it.
What are your plans for Christmas?
I just made a donation in my grandbaby's name for a charity called Sleeping Children Around the World. My friend and colleague is volunteering for this group. She is going to Chenaii, India to take photos of the children getting the bedkits we buy.
Well, happy holidays to you.
chiaro di luna

Casey said...

I've not heard of that charity before. It sounds like a good charity. What is in the bedkits?

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
The bedkits include a roll up mattress, blanket, pillow - kind of like camping gear, as the children they are given to in India do not have a bed like you do.
I will be getting a photo of the child receiving the one my grandbaby donated to by the end of Feb.
My friend is getting ready to go to India right now to volunteer.
Happy New Year.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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