Monday, March 09, 2009

Baseball and My Team the Orioles

Hi Everyone, here's more baseball. If I didn't tell you yet, my baseball team's name is the Orioles. Last Saturday was Allied Gardens Little League Opening Day at the fields. I had a lot of fun with my friends. Here's my team picture which was taken there. Not everyone's in the picture. My friend Gavin had to go somewhere.

Can you find me?

Here I am--All dressed up and ready.

This is my baseball trainer, Brandon. Here he is teaching me how to catch. He hasn't learned Italian yet.

Here's a picture of him with me. When he's not teaching me, he's coaching a high school junior varsity team. He's teaching me really good and I like him. Hear that Brandon?

I hurt my shoulder in karate and am having a little trouble pitching. I fell and landed on it the wrong way. Now I have a bruised bone. It huuuuuurts.

Bye everyone.


Brandon said...

Ciao Casey!!
Perche tu pensi che io non parlo italiano? Sono il migliore!! Va bene, parlo abbastanza ma non sono il migliore. Mi piace il blog molto. Ci vediamo presto!

KZ said...

Parliamo italiano la prossima volta che ci vediamo. Grazie per il tuo comlemento. Da Casey

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
Nice to see you posting about baseball. Hope your team does well this season.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hope you're having fun and your shoulder isn't messing up your game! You guys look really great in your uniforms.

Your grandpa sure is proud of you and misses you a lot. David and I are now fans of the Orioles! Peg

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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