Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hi everyone,

I always thought it would be fun to have glasses. One day at school I had an eye exam and they said that I had a convergence problem. So then I went to my GRAND parents' eye doctor. There it was worse. They said I have multiple problems. I'm far sighted, near sighted and I have a convergence problem.

It took a week for my glasses to be ready. I couldn't wait I was so excited

These are my square style glasses I use at school.

These are my Harry Potter glasses I use at home.

Poll #1

Some people say I look like a nerd.

What's wrong with being a nerd? They are smart, they get good grades, they get scholarships for college, they're successful. So what's wrong with being a nerd? I want to be a nerd.


barb cabot said...

I love both so it was hard to vote but I did it anyway. I think you look great. I wear glasses too but mine are not as cool as yours. I think you look very very good, intelligent and just plain handsome.

Sandrac said...

These were tough polls! As Barb said, I think both sets of glasses look great on you!

I wear contact lenses much of the time, but I have two pair of glasses as well. My blue pair I like best, but they don't work as well as the red pair (which I'm wearing now!)

The red pair I have work for both my near-sightedness AND my far-sighted problem. But, they're not my favourite.

Anyway, I couldn't vote on the issue of whether you look like a nerd, because it's a complicated question. Yes, you look like the RIGHT kind of nerd i.e., the cool, intellectual nerd. But you don't look like a nerd in the old-fashioned pejorative sense!

KZ said...

Barb and Sandrac, thanks for taking the poll but can you do it again. We used a different one because it's better. Thank you for making saying nice things.

Little P said...

Hi Casey,
I love your new glasses!Both of them! When I got my first pair of glasses people said I look stupid!
But now that I'm on my third pair of glasses I have learned to let it go! I hope people don't think your a dork or something like that!
Also, the glasses make you look more grown up!

Chiocciola said...

Oooh they both look great but I think the black ones are super cool! You look like an artistic and intelligent, hip and cool guy - and that is what you are so it is perfect! Congratulations on the new glasses! I am far sighted too, the good thing is that we can read stuff that is faaaar away...

Judith in Umbria said...

I, too, have worn glasses since I was six years old! My current 2 regular pairs are almost exactly like yours and are the kind that can bend and twist without damage... guess why. I also have a big round pair for the computer becayse the little ones give me eyestrain on the puter.

The nerd thing is impossible, because people have different things in mind. You look handsome, intelligent, put together, just as you always did. If you are a nerd, then I most certainly am one too, so I'm not going to think there's anything wrong with being one!

KZ said...

Little P, why did they call you stupid? Glasses make you look smart. I'm really glad you finally figured out how to sign up as a follower on my blog.

Snail, thank you for saying I'm hip--i'm hippy, whippy in the 50's--oops, 70's.

Judith, which glasses do you like better of the ones you have? How do you glasses bend and twist?

Little P said...

Hi Casey,
I'm glad I figured it out too!
They called me stupid because I wasn't the popular and the popular needed to pick on someone and I was the one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
I took your poll. Like the first pair of glasses the best. Harry Potter ones are cool too.
I said you could be a "nerd", of course an awesome one, like Mr. Chiaro who wears glasses and carries atleast 3 fancy pens in his shirt pocket every day. Mr. Chiaro is a serious pen collector and accountant. I think he is awesome too, just like you.
chiaro di luna

KZ said...

Dear Chiaro,
why does Mr. Chiaro collect pens?
To me being a nerd is good; that means that I'm smart. I like smrt. I is smrt :)

Anne said...

Hi Casey, I think you look very cool in your glasses, especially the black framed ones There's nothing wrong with being a nerd either, I think it's a reflection of inner strength and individuality! I took an online nerd test a while ago but sadly I'm a dork instead ;)

KZ said...

Anne, what's a dork? I wouldn't mind if I were a nerd. Nerds are smart and get good jobs. But I'm not a nerd because I play sports.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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