Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama and Me

Guess what!

Barack and I are similar in many ways.

We both have one black parent and one white parent.

And we have both been raised by our white grandparents.

Like me, he never saw his Dad when he was young.

This is another amazing thing: Barack's daughter is ten years old born on July 4, 1998. Her birthday is one day before mine which is July 5, 1998. Isn't that amazing?

This whole thing makes me feel really exited. I'm writing a letter to him saying that we are similar. Hopefully, it will get to him. I will pray for that. I really hope that if he gets the letter he'll invite me to the White House on his private jet.

He is my new role model and hero.

If you're insane, vote for McCain
Stop the drama, vote for Obama

See ya,



girasoli said...

Great post Casey! You are a very smart boy.

I love your rhyme ....
If you're insane, vote for McCain
Stop the drama, vote for Obama

Did you make that up or see that somewhere?


KZ said...

Hi Girasoli, I got the rhyme from one of my friends at school.

Judith in Umbria said...

I feel a lot the same as you except of course I am not a male nor of two races. Sometimes I worry because I have such hopes of Obama and I wonder if anyone can be as good as he needs to be to get us out of the mess we are in.

I sort of thought you might be our first mixed race President!

jan said...

Great post!
Obama is a perfect role model for you and lots of other kids who want to see the world become a better place.


Annie said...

Wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading this.

I did "stop the drama" when I voted for Obama last week!

I hope that he gets your letter!

Diana said...

Casey, you know, being different is a huge advantage. You've seen more in your short life than most people do in very long lives. And because of that, you are able to understand things almost none of your friends do-- like Italian for instance. No one gets a "perfect" situation in life. The trick is to make the most out of the one you have -- like Barak Obama has, like the great life your grandparents are providing for you! The world is open to you, my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Casey.
Very observant of you to make these comparisons between you and Barrack Obama.
I also hope he gets your letter and you are invited to the White House.

Nice Red Sox's shirt you are wearing!

Have a happy and safe Hallowe'en!


tourmama said...

Casey - good post, and very good observations. And if you get invited to the White House, be sure to take pictures and post them on your blog.

You have chosen a great role model!


KZ said...

Thank you everyone for writing.
Diana, have you baked my clay creations yet? If you did, when are you going to send them? I'll pay you the postage.


Judy, I want my gramma to keep feeding me. I read the comment on my gramma's blog.

Chiocciola said...

Casey, what a nice post! Senator Obama really is a great role model - how cool that you have several things in common with him, and how neat that you and his daughter have almost the same birthday!

You know, I am sure that you will eventually get a letter back. It will probably take time, because of the elections, but I hear he is very good at communicating with people. One example I read about:

An American woman was moving to Norway about 20 years ago to marry a Norwegian. She was at the airport in Miami and her bags were too heavy - she had to pay 103 dollars - but she had no money! She was crying and didn't know what to do, when a man stepped forward and paid the fee for her. She was so happy and asked for his address to pay him back. It was Barack Obama! She sent him the money just a few days later.

In 2006, when she found out that he was running for president, her parents, who still live in the US, wrote him a letter. They got a very nice reply back. So I think you will get a reply as well!

You can read the whole story here:

KZ said...

Thank you Snail for telling me about that. I really do hope that I get a letter back. And, why is your name snail in italian?

Chiocciola said...

That's a good question, Casey. It is actually because when I had to decide on a user name for Slow Talk, I just picked one of my favorite Italian words. I like words that have the C sound in Italian, such as chiocciola, cucciolo, cicciotto... So I picked chiocciola, because it is a feminine word - la chiocciola - and because it is the way @ (AT) is voiced in Italian, so I felt that it had something to do with the internet. In addition to meaning snail and @, it is also the name of the curly part at the top of a violin - which also looks a little bit like a snail.

It is midnight here on the East Coast so bedtime!! Good night!!

Terry (teaberry) said...

Casey, how cool is that? I think you couldln't have picked a better role model. Please share with us when you hear from him.

Go Go Obama!

sabauda said...

I'm with Judith, KZ - I also it was going to be you!! Well, your post is very inspiring and moving......

I am thrilled when I see young people who care about politics and understand current in Italy so many young people are completely unaware of what is going on around them. I wonder if you notice that when you're here.

I know you make your grandparents proud every day. I'm proud to have met you. KEEP WRITING!!!!!

Laurie in Torino

Deb R said...

Hey Casey! What a great are a smart guy by all means! I read your blog often and I enjoy Italy as well! Take care..

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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