Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm a Sick-o

Yesterday I was sick and now I still am. But I feel fine, really. I wanted to go to school yesterday and today and I hope I get better tomorrow. I'm probably sick because a lot of kids in my school are sick. I have a sore throat, a cough and a runny nose--anybody know how to help me catch it? And also, my temperature was 100.2ยบ. That is really high. Here's someway that I know I'm sick. I never take naps and I've been taking naps and I barely play my DS.

My grandma got Puff Ball to wish me to get better and right when I saw Puff Ball I thought he was so cute and he looked like Scratch. Don't they look alike? I think they do. Scratch is begging for barbecue Lays right now but Puff Ball is just staring out into the open. When I was pointing at something Scratch bit the Lay out of my hand.

Here's a video of Scratch playing with his toy. It was cute. Cough, Cough--oops, I just coughed.

It's a beautiful day here but I can't go outside and play. I really know I can but my grandma says "No way!" I want to shoot baskets but my nonni say that it's not good for me to be outside.

Scratch was just biting my leg then when he stopped he snarled at me. Now he's just acting sad. Maybe he's sad because he's saying "please get better, Casey, please." Or he's sad because he has a beard at 4 years old--just kidding.

I got an A on my social studies test at school. I get lots of A's.

See you next time with my blog entry with me and Chiara--my Italian tutor. Well, I'm going to go sneak outside. Bye


Anonymous said...

Ciao KC! I see that you have a neo counter on your blog. Cool!
Sorry you are sick. Hope you are better by the weekend.
Scratch looks like he is enjoying his rope. My two dogs play tuggy with their rope like that.
We are having so many snow storms here and in the last 2 weeks there has been 70 centimeters of snow.
Get well.
chiaro di luna

KZ said...

That's a looooooooooooot of snow. Did you like Puff Ball?

Chiocciola said...

Get well soon KC!!! I hope you feel better tomorrow so that you can play outside! Your nonna posted a photo on SlowTalk of your backyard and pool and I just went WOW because it was so pretty and looked so nice and warm.

I live in Baltimore and we haven't had any snow but we had freezing rain (rain that is colder than 32 so it makes ice when it hits the ground) and I fell flat on my hip and back yesterday. I was in a big puddle of ice and slush. It probably looked funny but I didn't laugh! :)

KZ said...

Dear Snail,
Did you get seriously hurt cuz if you did I hope you recover. Did anything get broken. I'll pray for you if you javascript:void(0)
Publish Your Commentgot hurt. KC, KZ, Casey, K and C and CRP

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!!!
Hugs & Kisses,

Chiocciola said...

Thanks for your kind words, Casey! No, I didn't get hurt, just bruised - I am a little blue and a little scraped up but nothing bad.

Spero che stia bene - adesso vado al letto! Sono quasi le dieci qui e ho molto sonno... A presto e buona notte! Tua amica Snail.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you are better today.
Yes, Puff Ball is cute. Does Scratch like to carry around stuffed animals?
I meant to say congratulations for getting those A's in school. Great job!

chiaro di luna

Anonymous said...

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