Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Newest, Newest Best Friend

Sorry Palma and Judith but you're no longer in first place.

Here's a picture of my newest, newest best friend.

This is Max. I think he is a Golden Labrador. He's Diana's and Micha's doggy. We were at Diana's place in Piemonte for three days.

Diana let me do some work with clay because she makes stuff out of clay. She makes pottery.

Breakfast at their house is spectacular. There is berries, melon, French toast, eggs, cereal, yogurt and bread fresh from the bakery. The plates were made and painted by Diana.

Max was really, really fun. He listens to me very well. Tell him to sit, he sits. Tell him to lay, he lays. Tell him to fetch, he fetches. Tell him to stop, he stops and right away sits down.

Here's a picture of a little monster thing I made with the clay.

And here's a picture of a cup I made.

Next year when we come to Italy, we are going back.


Judith in Umbria said...

I understand completely your change of heart. I am not and will never be as biddable as Max. He must seem like a miracle dog.

I am also not as fuzzy or cuddly as Max, I don't make pottery nor have a mum who does, and breakfast at my house is a quandary. What's in the fridge that is convincing?

Anonymous said...

Ciao KZ,
After reading your blog entry about Diana's B&B, I went to her website. It is a beautiful place and maybe I'll get to stay there sometime, myself.
Her dog Max is similar to my golden lab. He is a special family member!
So, you will be home with your dog Scratch soon. I bet he will be so excited to see you!
Hope you keep writing in your blog and show some photos of you and Scratch.
chiaro di luna

KZ said...

Judith, you are funny.

KZ said...

Chiaro, I'll keep writing I promise, I think. What's your golden labs name. See you in Savannah. Can you bring your dog too?

Anonymous said...

Ciao KZ,
The lab is Beau ( 9years old - the same as you! ) The retriever Arrow is 6 years old. They both have birthdays at the end of Sept.
I will bring photos, but they can't come to Savannah as we have flights booked already.
ciao for now,
chiaro di luna

Judith in Umbria said...

After the recent party we both attended, I think your blog could become a "fanzine." That was pretty quick thinking you came up with.

max said...


come back come back we can play with the stick again.

your friend maxie

KZ said...

Hi Max, bark, bark, bark, bark. May I bring Scratch so you can have a friend to play with?

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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