Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Good Friends at La Cantinetti di Rignana

Last night I went to La Cantinetti di Rignana once again. This time was the best of all of them. I know everybody. Last night was a very special night. I went into the kitchen because one of the ladies called me in and they had a present all wrapped up for me.

I brought it back to the table and I started to open it. The wrapping said "Al Carissimo Amico, Casey" and everybody signed their name on it. The wrapping was made out of place mats and tied with a piece of string. At first it seemed heavy.

When I saw what the present was I was so excited because it was so special. It was a painting of Mary and Baby Jesus called The Ognissanti Madonna painted by Giotto about 700 years ago. For me a lot of these things are interesting because I've been to a lot of museums with that kind of stuff in them. Here's a picture of the painting.

This is Paolo Abbarchini the chef at La Rignana. And he is also the owner. He is always glad to see me. I like him.

This is Fabrizio. When I come in, he is so excited. And he says "Everybody, Casey's here.: And everybody runs out and gives me hugs. He's the one that whistles his stomach out and made the joke on my gramma with the coffee cup and yesterday did it to Ann. He is fun, too.

This is Fabrizo again and Stefano. He is really nice to me. Here I am signing the book. I said "This is my favorite restaurant. Thank you for the painting. I really like it." But I really wrote it in Italian.

Ann and Paul our friends from Hawaii went with us. This is us at the table when we were all through eating.


Roz and Mike said...


What a special day for a special person. I know you are sad about leaving Tuscany in a little while, but you will have so many wonderful memories and so many beautiful places and people to come back to all your life. I'm so glad we got to meet you and your nonna and nonno while you were there.

- Roz

Texas Espresso said...

That is so nice! You have really touched people there =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Casey. I enjoyed reading of your adventure in Tuscany. I stumbled across the Piccolo Grandi exhibition last month and very much enjoyed the 3 museums I visited - especially the one at Figline.

KZ said...

Thank you! Who are you? Where do you live? Casey

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


I hope you enjoy it. And I really, really like reading comments.

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