Thursday, May 31, 2007


Cracker is someone I've been wanting to meet. She makes comments on my blog. When my Uncle Jeff was here, she came to visit us. She was staying in Radda. Radda is twenty minutes away from us.

I think Cracker is a funny name particularly for a grown-up unless you're a parrot. I'm not going to tell you her real name.

This is me and Cracker

She was with her husband and a lady named Jan and her husband. They were all nice.

Cracker gave me some presents. She gave me two push-pops, one box of cereal and two boxes of transformers. She knew what I liked because her grandson told her. He's my age.

We went to Castellana for dinner. It's up the hill in Montefioralle. Montefioralle means flowery mountain. We sat outside because there was a pretty sunset.

Castellana and La Cantinetta di Rignana are connected because they are owned by the same family. Fabrizio's brother works at Castellana. His name is Francesco. They do not look alike --other than their noses.

Cracker lives in Florida. But next April I will see her in Savannah, Georgia. Some of my other friends will be there like Roz and Mike, maybe Colleen and Jim, Kim and Kevin, Jerry and Paul, Chiaro di Luna and a bunch of people I am going to meet in July.

Ciao, Ciao


Typesetter said...

You see, Casey, we grown ups someimes really miss to feel like we felt when we were younger. You may not believe this, and at your age I would not have believed it possible, but once you are past the age of 20 something clicks and you start fearing that you will miss, rather you will forget things you used to know when you were younger. Small things like the passion that not-yet-grown-ups have for what they like best or the astonishment that the not-yet-grown-ups have when facing wonderful new things.
When you are very young, it's easy to think out of the cages and rules that we suffer, to be creative and fresh. As the "not yet" fades away leaving only the "grown up" you get stiffer all over. This is why some of us like to get a funny nickname: to bring back some of the freshness and intelligence we had as not-yet-grown-ups.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey, As a grown-up with no grandchildren to keep me up to date with these things I have to ask you....what on earth are push-pops?

You have met so many Slow Travel friends during your year in Italy. We are staying at Fattoria Viticcio for just one night two weeks from today. I will be there with my husband Terry, my sister Gillian and her husband Peter. Peter and Gillian are from England, Terry and I live in Canada.

I am really looking forward to meeting you and your grandparents. I have read so much about you I feel as though I know you already.

See you soon! Sheena

Anonymous said...

Dear Casey,
Thank you for all of the nice things you wrote in your blog. We did have fun, didn't we? Okay, about the name Cracker. You say it so cute that I am growing fond of it, or maybe I will change my name to Italian and become Maria Pace, which do you like better?

I think you have a special day coming up next week. I will be thinking about you and wishing you a super, fantastic, fabulous, incredible, extraordinary day.

KZ said...

Hi Typesetter, Sheena and Cracker, thanks for writing comments on my blog even though I had hard time understanding typesetter's. Sheena, push pops are lollypops in a little tube that you can push up. Cracker, think you should be Maria Pace--that means Mary Peace.
See you soon, Sheena. See you in April Cracker if you go to Savannah--please do.

Anonymous said...

Ciao KZ,
I am enjoying the photos and your writing on this blog! You express yourself very well for such a "young man" of your age.
So, you have noticed that my husband and I will be going to the Slow Travel Gathering in Savannah, after all. I look forward to meeting you and your grandparents. If you would like to see some photos of my son's wedding go to my blog and photo links. He got married last Saturday in a castle in Toronto. It is called Casa Loma.
chiaro di luna

Anonymous said...

Here are the links:

chiaro di luna

Anonymous said...

yum, yum! Crackers! Is there someone named cheese? Baseball is over and in the last game we got whooped 10-0, but it was fun. My birthday party was last weekend. We played baseball at my party and had a lot of fun. I wish you had been there, but I bet you had some fun parties in Italy. Speaking of parties, I am going to be at your pool party on August 5th. Well, see you there! Bye, Jacob

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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