Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Time at Paris

After school last Tuesday we flew to Paris for Easter vacation. We got there about eleven o'clock at night and got to bed about midnight. The hotel was very pretty. We had two rooms, actually. One for me and one for my grandparents. The two rooms were connected. I got to have my own room and bathroom and TV for 5 whole days.

I really liked Paris. Across from the hotel were the Jardin des Tuileries. It was the garden for the kings and queens. I liked the gardens because there was a little playground for kids.

When I went to the Eiffel Tower, guess who was scared of heights (?), so we didn't go up.

And guess what--they don't have any gelato--but they have Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

I was very disappointed about the Mona Lisa. I thought the Mona Lisa would really follow you with her eyes but she didn't. She just stayed with her eyes crooked like this.

by KZdaVinci

One of the things I was really wanting to do, because he's my favorite artist, was go to the Picasso Museum. Picasso is my favorite artist because he makes such pretty and unusual paintings. When I first saw Picasso paintings I was in Barcelona, Spain.

The paintings here were also very unusual. He doesn't just have paintings. He has collages, too and sculptures. He seemed to really like to paint ladies in red arms chairs. Here's a picture of a lady in a red arm chair.

I'm trying to draw Picasso pictures. So far, I'm pretty good.

By KZPicasso

Another artist I saw in one of the museums was VanGogh. He was a very weird guy because he cut his ear off and gave it to his girlfriend. I don't like Van Gogh as much as Picasso. His paintings I saw had little waves of paint that you can look at but you're not allowed to touch it. If you could touch it, you could feel the little waves.

This is Van Gogh.

In Paris I saw where the guillotine was. The guillotine cuts peoples' heads off. The king and queen got their heads cut off because they were rich and all the other people were regular and poor so they killed them.

I took all the pictures in this blog. I hope you liked them.


Typesetter said...

In school (scuola media) I did a Van Gogh-like painting. Our teacher had us use our tempera colors without diluting them and we used the ends of our brushes as spatulas. We would grab a little of the color with the back of the brush, and instead of painting we would dab the drawings we made with them, using several shades of the same color for each thing: for isntance the leaves of a tree were of different shades of green, all mixed up. The cool part is that after drying up (it took quite along time) you could feel the "waves" of the color, instead of just watching them.

KZ said...

Dear Alice,

Thank you for writing me but why did you write in English and not Italian? I would like to feel the painting. Pappa almost touched the painting with his finger.
Love, Casey

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds and looks like you had a good time in Paris. I really like your painting, you have talent buckaroo. Don't worry about being afraid of heights, your uncle Jeff is also afraid of heights. One day you will be able to live with it and still enjoy the view from way up high. I hear you got your new Ben 10 guys today, you should have all but gray matter now. I have been looking and looking and can't find him anywhere. Well back to work, be good.

Love Uncle Jeff

Ryan Willweber said...

Hi Casey!

I read your blog about Paris. You're lucky you had 2 rooms and that is kind of cool how on the computer we can see you spinning on that thing in the playground.

I kind of like Picasso too.

How is your time in Italy? Are you having a good time? Do you want to come back to San Diego or do you kind of want to stay there longer?


Mrs. Hanna said...

Hi Casey!

Sounds like more fun in Italy--and France, too! The playground looked like a great time. I'm so glad you got to see the Picassos and the Van Goughs too. What wonderful experiences you're having!

No snow here in San Diego (ha ha ha), so enjoy it there while you can. We can't wait to see you!

Mrs. Hanna :o)

Anonymous said...

HI Casey,
Wow, you're quite an artist. My kids weren't that impressed with Mona Lisa either. I'm with you. I don't care for heights. Glad you had a good time in Paris.

Aunt Joyce

Mrs. Johnson said...

Casey...hello from home. This is Mrs. Johnson, your future teacher. Sounds like you are having a great time in Europe. I have been there three times myself, so we can share lots of stories next year. Keep up the great work and keep having fun!!!

Mrs. Johnson :-)

Therese said...

I loved your drawing of Mona, and what you said about her.. Also your Picasso is very impressive. You are a good artist as an impressionist. I have read all your blogs, and believe me it's very interesting to read through your eyes. The details, feelings, and expressions are unique for someone your age. God Bless you.
Therese Dorsett

Papa said...

Dear KZ, KC or Casey
I really like your blog. This is the best one ever. I did not almost touch the Van Gough.
I love you.
Guess who

Roz and Mike said...

Hi, Casey,

I liked reading about your time in Paris, and seeing your drawings. I agree with you that the Mona Lisa is a little disappointing. I like some of Leonardo’s other works better. Have you ever read about the machines he designed? He had some amazing ideas. There is a museum in Amboise, France, with a big garden where they have constructed many of the machines he designed, but most of which he never actually built himself.

Do you have art classes in your school? I thought what Alice wrote about Van Gogh was so interesting, and I wonder if you ever have any art lessons like that in your Italian classroom. I hope you will keep on drawing and sharing some of your pictures in your blog.

- Roz

Dr. Gary Hirsh said...

Casey, your blog is too much!!
I really enjoyed his perspective of Italy and am amazed at how well his web site is so professional.
Also, Jan and Keith Nyenhuis are old friends. Their kids were patients years ago and they lived next door to our dear friends the Ippolitos.

Judith in Umbria said...

KZ we have even more in common, because I like Picasso too, and made sure to see his museum last time in Paris.
The difference between us and Picasso is that he could draw perfectly, but invented his own style. And people (not all) liked that style. It's like if you look at something a very long time and then in your brain think about all the other ways there are of seeing it.
Once you get the drawing technique learned, you can start to learn painting, then you can make wavy or flat surfaces if you choose to. And you can touch your own paintings.
I love Van Gogh. I do feel very sorry that he was mentally ill in a time when they didn't know how to treat it.
My hero/artist is Matisse. Do you know his work?
Silvia ha scritto in inglese perchè anche se capisci tu l'italiano, gli altri che leggono qui non lo capiscono.

Anonymous said...

Dearest KZ,

Glad you had a good time in Paris. Your pictures are great! By the way, did you know that Picasso lived in Mougins, close to Nice, where he died at age 92 in 1973?

Well, I love you buddy and hope to see you soon.

Uncle Benny

KZ said...

Thank you everybody for all the comments that you put on my blog. I really like them. It makes me feel really good. Thank you all for liking my art work. Maybe I'll be the Louvre someday. I'll be a statue.

Anonymous said...


Loved your pictures and I enjoyed reading about your trip to Paris. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks and I won't forget the Trix. Maybe you can help me with a few words in Italian.

Ciao, (one of the few words I know)

Jill, Larry and Daniela said...

It's Jill, Daniela and Larry in Seattle. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us and your paintings! You are quite the artist.

Thanks also for blogging. We've enjoyed all your entries.

Your friends in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Casey!
This was your best blog entry yet! When my grandson comes to visit, I read your blog to him.
He is only 3 1/2 years old, but he thinks you are a very cool big kid.
Why don't you tell your Pappa and Grandma to bring you to Madrid for the weekend we will be there?
Deborah from St. Louis.

Dawn said...

I don't know why but every time I tried to post AOL quit on me. You can put this in Casey's blog.

Pastor Jerry and I think you have very good taste in artists. We have a Picasso print in our dining room in Chicago. We also like Van Gogh but don't currently have any pictures of him. I'm glad you are having a good experience in italy. We look forward to seeing you this summer in San Diego.
Pastor Jerry and Dawn

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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