Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Beauty of Spring

The beauty of spring comes in every place but here in Italy it is very pretty. The flowers bloom, little leaves pop up on the trees and bird eggs hatch. There's sunshine and beautiful skies.

Now here's something, all the birds that were hatched are just peep, peep, peeping away outside the door. They always wake me up in the morning. They are very annoying. (that'a a whisper so the birds won't hear.)

If you look right outside the window on our door, you can see a beautiful country side of colors dark green, regular green and light green and yellow, a little. And also you can see a tree that at first had just little buds this morning but now it seems like the leaves are almost done growing. You should have seen it in winter. The grass was covered with the leaves and the tree was empty. It wasn't very pretty then.

There were some beautiful pink flowers on the ledge but now someone! put barbecue stuff on the ledge where the flowers were. It wasn't my gramma. I don't know who it was but papa's barbecuing so I think it was him.

Here's a picture of the beautiful skies. We see these skies in the morning and afternoon. At night, of course not. But the skies are always beautiful here in fall, spring and summer and also in winter sometimes.

Outside my window there is a beautiful view of the skies and the countryside. This is a picture from my window. I took the picture. I took all the pictures.


Daniela, Jill and Larry said...

Hi KZ-
Wow - what a great picture you took out your window. Who could get tired of that view?? Spring is such a great season in Italy. Have you seen any poppies? If you do, we'd love to see a photo of them on your blog.

Your friends in Seattle,
Daniela, Jill and Larry

KZ said...

Ok I'll look for poppies but I don't know where to find them. How's Daniela? Her hair is really grown!

Daniela, Jill and Larry said...

I'm not sure where the poppies are, but if you do see them, you'll love the photo opportunity. :). Yes, Daniela's hair is really long, especially for a 16 1/2 month. She is busy, busy, busy and is trying to talk. We are teaching her some italian words too. Maybe one day you and her can talk to each other in Italian.

Your friends in Seattle,
Daniela, Jill and Larry

Roz and Mike said...

Casey. I loved your writing and pictures of spring. You have the soul of a poet!

Spring hasn't yet decided to arrive here in Boston (that's one reason we went to Italy last month, to get some nicer weather!), so I enjoyed seeing bella Toscana again through your eyes.

- Roz

KC said...

KZ, you take very beautiful pictures! I wish I had a view like the one from your room. I live in the center of my town, so I just see other people's windows!

Judith in Umbria said...

Hey, Casey! I luuurve spring! Summer , too, and the only thing wrong with autumn is that winter comes right after.

I did a recipe the other day that is just perfect for you to make. I think you'll like it a lot.
There is another post that shows it all done... yumm.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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