Monday, February 12, 2007

Yellow Belt--Yellow Belt

Back in San Diego I did Martial Arts and here I do karate which is much, much different. Here in Italy, I just earned my yellow belt about two weeks ago. Hurray, I'm a yellow belt!!

Here I'm a Yellow Belt

Do you like my new move?

This is the karate routine I need to master to get to yellow#2. I hope I am an orange belt when I go home. I'll beat you instructor Eric.

My favorite instructor here is Michele. He was a 4 time world champion. This is when I was a poor, poor white belt. I have four other instructors. They have all won national or world karate competitions. I know that Greve isn't very big but there are a lot of karate fans here. I'm lucky.



Roz and Mike said...

Hi, Casey,

CONGRATULATIONS on your yellow belt! I hope you will show us some of your moves when we meet you next month. We are really looking forward to it!

- Roz

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
Thanks for sending us your blog. It's fun to see you on internet, but we'll be happy when we can see you in person!

Uncle Benny & Aunt Joyce

KZ said...

Hi Roz--I'll show the moves all right. I sent an e-mail to the restaurant for a reservation when you come.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if the message went through so here it is again.
Congratulations on your yellow belt!
It snowed here last night and my dogs are outside playing in it this morning. If you want to see them go to my album.


Judith in Umbria said...

I think you are tooooo coooooolll!
I can't see videos, so I don't know what you have to do, but I bet you can and will do it.


KZ said...

Chiaro de Luna, your dogs are cute but they're even cuter in the snow. Roses are red, violets are blue, I like snow and so do you.

Judith,I wish you could see the videos. They are really good. I'm not that cool--there's no snow.

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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