Saturday, February 24, 2007


Carnevale is really part of Easter Celebration. Carnevale is usually supposed to be on Fat Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday which is 40 days before Easter. Those 40 days are called Lent. During lent people give up things (sort of like New Year resolutions.)

But here in Greve it's much different. It seems to be a big party for kids with costumes and confetti and cans of liquid string which blast this sort of weird stuff--most people don't wear masks like in Venice.

The celebration was last Sunday in the piazza in Greve. They had some people on stilts, a candy stand, and a band with a little boy playing a drum and one little show. During the middle one of the people on the stilts fell down and got hurt so the ambulance picked him up and went away.

This is me getting some candy.

See the little boy?

The one that fell isn't in this picture.

At one point someone let go of a balloon and Camilla, Carlotta, Alessandro and I were watching it going up. Fifteen minutes later another one was let go. I wonder where they are now.

I saw some of my friends from my class. We all had fun together doing stuff like dueling with swords, squirting each other, throwing confetti, blowing paper streamers and just running around and catching each other. Camilla and I were putting confetti in Tommaso's shirt.

Me blowing a streamer at Camilla--who was a mermaid.

Tommaso is squirting liquid streamers at us. I am protecting Carlotta.

This is Tommaso.

This is Yonathan and me dueling.

There was tons of confetti all over the piazza.

When I was in my costume, I was Bibleman.

Here's a picture-again!

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