Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Senor Giorgio the Snowman

A few days ago I went back up to San Michele. But it wasn't snowing but it still had some snow. And I made a snowman. You can see in the title that his name is Giorgio. He is so cute.

We made him a little different than others--his arms are made out of snow. And he also had a broom which was a stick and a fake pipe that I made with a stick and a little ball of snow. We also made feet for him. He is sitting down.

Oh, I forgot something. My papa helped me make Giorgio. We made some hair for him of snow. It looked like Elvis. But, I put my Scooby hat on him for a little while.

Here's a question for you.
Who's the Snowman?

Tha-tha-that's all, folks.



Anonymous said...

Hello Casey,
It feels like years since we last saw you ...we enjoyed reading your news, and knowing that you are growing both phisically and spiritually...It is fun to play in the snow ! We had snow in Cincinnati 2 weeks agoo also ..I was in Australia for 3 weeks during January, and it was summer there ...Sydney is a beautiful city, you should ask Nonno and Nanna to take you some day ...! We love you and miss you soo much ...do not forget to read your Bibile everyday ...
wiht our prayers and love,
Uncle Monir, Aunt Salam and Carol

Anonymous said...

So Casey made a pupazzo di neve and called him Senor Giorgio - you see I remembered the Italian you taught me!

It looks as though the snow has pretty much melted away. Before you know it you will be riding your scooter and roller blades in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Hey KZ,

We miss you here man! It was good talking to you on the phone today!!
I got some really cool stuff for Christmas this year, like this thing called Fast Action Football. I am really a football fanatic as you can tell.

cool snowman...


KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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