Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Weekend with Sofia

Last weekend I went to Sant' Antonio to visit my friend Sofia. We have been friends for 3 years now. She is always one year less than me.

I had a good time. Sofia was so amazed that I could speak Italian so good. Nico, her father, said I speak like an actual Florentine. (Io parlo come un vero Italiano.)

We always have fun. Sofia's little brother has a lot of gormiti cards. His name is Filippo. He was really sick so please pray for him if you remember. He has to use one of those air tube things to breath because he doesn't breath very well and he coughs.

Sofia is a very nice girl. I can't wait to go over there again some time.

Ecco una fotografia di me e lei. Fine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Casey, it's Sheena.

A weekend at Sant' Antonio AND snow! What more could a young man want? You are obviously very popular with the pretty girls of Tuscany!

When we were at Sant'Antonio last year Sofia was staying with relatives, but we met Filippo. I can't wait to return this year - of course we will meet you first in Greve, before we go on down to Sant'Antonio.

Has it actually snowed right in Greve yet? If so will it become difficult for you to get to school, or is the school close enough for you to walk? Perhaps you will have an opportunity to make a snowman - what is the Italian word for snowman?

KZ said...

Hi Sheena, No I don't want to school and it hasn't snowed yet today right here in Greve.

I just looked up snowman and it is pupazzo di neve.

See ya in June.

Anonymous said...

Ah pupazzo di neve, my word (or words) of the day! Thanks Casey.
Not that I expect to use it in June of course!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a little more snow for you.


KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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