Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Meaning of Christmas

The real meaning of Christmas is not to get but to give and I gave my money to people in Ethiopia and Alaska. The real real meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus--la nascita di Gesu.

The money I used was from mine and Jesus's. This was money I saved during the year from my allowance. I had €30 and I gave €15 to Ethiopia and €15 to children and their parents in Alaska.

Also before with Samaritan's Purse I gave money to help the children in Sudan. I got a certificate back from Mr. Graham.

I always worry about them. The children in Ethiopa are very very hungry. The people in Alaska need homes. They were burned down in a fire. I would like that if you would help them. Just click on Samaritan's Purse



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chiaro di luna said...

You are an amazing young lad!
My friend's son (Alexander) is volunteering with World Vision in Africa right now. This is his first Christmas away from home.
It is wonderful that one so young as yourself and Alexander are so thoughtful and caring.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
chiaro di luna

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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