Saturday, July 16, 2011

Matteo and Me...

We went to Cortona for two days and I made a new friend, Matteo. We really had a good time together and every time we come to Italy, I am going to see him. My gramma and his mom have known each other for a long time. He is really fun and we like all the same things.

This is Matteo and me. Can you tell who's who?

We spent two days, hiking, swimming, walking around town, going to the fortezza, playing with his friends and eating lots and lots and lots of gelato. I wish I lived there or he lived in San Diego.

On our way to dinner last night, I went blind.

Then, I went blind again.

We went to an American Saloon with Tuscan food which is run by Franco the cowboy who has never been to America.

See? Doesn't that look American?

Which one's the Indian?


Here's Franco, the cowboy, and his trusty friend Al the Owl.

Look at those grapefruit sized eyes.

Whe he gets older his wings will be 6 feet wide. He is only 40 days now.

Going, going, gone. Time to leave and say goodbye. What? It's already over. That's Francesca, his little sister.

Who's this fluffball? It's Carlotta one of the two dogs at the Bed and breakfast where we stayed.

This is Daisy, Carlotta's daughter. She was precious.

Dogs, friends, people, gelato....adios amigos. Wait, that's Spanish.

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Ale said...

Ciao Casey, sono contenta che ti stai divertendo e che hai trovato un nuovo amico! Anche noi ci stiamo divertendo molto ed Alessio ha trovato un amichetto che si chiama Stevano. Si erano conosciuti quando avevano 18 mesi e si sono appena rincontrati in spiaggia!

nancyhol said...

I was so glad to read your blog entry. It sounds like you are having a great time in Italy. Your friend Matteo is very handsome, just like you!

barb cabot said...

Casey if I can't be in Italy the next best thing is to read blogs of people who are there. Love hearing about the American saloon. Photos are wonderful and its so nice you have made a new friend. Hope he can visit you in America. Keep up the posting and photos. Tell your grandma/mom I said hi.

KZ said...

Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.

Judith said...

Nice for Casey. I clicked through some of the "you might be" posts. Interesting journey.

Alessandra Federici said...

Me likeyyyyy

Anne said...

Casey, how nice to read about your wonderful time in Cortona! There's nothing like making new friends, is there? I hope you and Matteo stay in touch, it sounds like you two are soul-brothers!

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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