Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maasai Mara part 3

The third day started out with a morning game drive at eight o'clock.

This is me freezing to death.
We did not see a whole lot of things but we did see a nice sunrise and a huge herd of elephants all together. There were several babies too. There were ones that were playing and having fun and there were ones that just kept walking along casually with no distractions.

look at the little baby Elephant
These elephants are having a fun time.

After that drive we had all day until about five to enjoy the day and relax until it was time to go on the next game drive, which was the one at five.

I got to go on a walk with the manager of the camp to look for birds and plants and to learn a little bit about them. I learned several things that were really interesting. For instance, gazelles and different animals eat the sodom apple when they have a stomach ache but if we eat them we get a stomach ache.

This is Raymond the manager.
 It was not just a night game drive it was also a sun downer in the middle of the bush near all the animals. It was cool to look around and see everything around you. Our guide had drinks and chips lined up on the hood of his car. We walked around and talked until it started to get a little bit darker. This is what we saw before it got completely dark.

I took this picture too. That is what makes it cool.
It would have been many people dreams come true if they were in my shoes.

When it finally got dark, we set out on our drive. Since it was dark, there was a spot light and I got to be the one who held it and spotted all the animals in the pitch black of the night. Luckily at the Mara, you can not go very long without seeing a bunch of wildebeast or something. We would see hundreds of them, but you could only see their eyes because it was so dark. It sort of looked like lights in a city, but only moving ones.

We saw some animals that we could not see during the day, like Bat eared Foxes and hares and some other stuff too. We also saw hyenas and zebras. It was just plain amazing to see or not see, ha ha get it.
I'll talk about Lake Nakuru next time.
See ya


Pokey jo said...

Casey, Your photo is so fabulous!! It makes me feel peaceful.

Your trip is a dream for many people and I know that you appreciated your time in Kenya. I am enjoying your blog posts! Raymond looks like he is a a lot of fun and I bet super smart!!

Keep 'em comin'!!!

Baci, "Zia Sarah" :)

Jill, Larry and Daniela in Seattle said...

I love your photo Casey and reading about your adventures. I was fortunate to go to Zimbabwe and Botswana many moons ago on a safari. Words cannot express what you see..... How excited I am for you to have had this experience. Thanks again for sharing!!

Anne said...

The photo of you freezing - was that early morning before the sun rose? I would never have guessed it would be cold in Kenya!

You are right, this trip would be a dream come true for so many people! I'm glad you got to experience such a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing it with us. Love your photos!

KZ said...

Thank you everyone for the comments.
And Anne, yes it was early in the morning.
Jill and Larry, it was good to hear from you; how's Daniela.
Hi Zia Sarah, I always love your comments

Chiara said...

Ciao Casey...che belle le foto degli elefanti che hai fatto, soprattutto quela dell'elefantino. Cha carino!!!
La foto del tramonto poi e' stupenda, sembra uscita da una brochure di un'agenzia di viaggi. Dovresti coltivare la passione della fotografia, secondo me hai del talento! Ti seguo sempre...un abbraccio forte :)

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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