Friday, August 20, 2010

Lake Nakuru

We did not do anything the first day because we had to drive all the way to the lodge, the most long and boring trip ever. When we got there we had lunch, but shortly after that we went to the room. It was so cool, there was netting on the  beds and the room was filled with all sorts of bright colors.

It rained all the rest of the day so we did not do anything special, so... off to the next day.

The next and last day at Lake Nakuru was the day we went on a drive in the national reserve, which is known for the tons and tons of Flamingos in the lake. As we drove in we saw several baboons, they were so funny to watch because, unlike the other animals, they did not know to get out of the  way of the vehicle. I was worried that we were going to run over one of them, but we didn't thankfully.

All together that day we saw:
  • hundreds of baboons with their little ones playing on some tree roots
  • Storks 
  • spoon bills
  • Rhinos
  • all sorts of gazelles and antelopes 
  • hippos
  • hyenas
  • elephants 
  • giraffes 
  • lions in trees  
  • and more...
    that is all so I will talk to you people later.


    Terry from slowtravel said...

    Casey, they look like they were having so much fun. And how much fun was it watching them? How close were you?

    Since you've blogged about your trip, I definitely want to visit Africa and take a safari just like you did.

    Pokey jo said...

    Casey, I had fun watching the baboons too! they are like little kids playing on the playground! Thank you for sharing your exciting vacation with us!!


    Zia Sarah

    Casey said...

    We were about 5 feet away from the baboons; we were in the vehicle. It was hilarious to watch. When you go on your safari, can I go with you?

    Dante said...


    KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


    I hope you enjoy it. And I really, really like reading comments.

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