Sunday, March 07, 2010


Hey everyone,
I have just been thinking about why I like middle school. Friends and learning is the best part for me. But I also like the teachers and the subjects too.
Each one of the subjects gets you ready for life in different ways. For example right now, I'm typing this by myself and I would not be able to if I didn't have computer class at school. Here is a picture of me typing this blog entry.

The best part about that is that I don't even need to look to type. If you're an adult, think about why you like work if you're not retired.
See ya' everyone


Anonymous said...

Hi, Casey!

First off, I really like reading your blog :)

To answer your question, I like to work for several reasons, my job allows me to assist people starting small businesses, plus the money I earn helps pay for trips to Italy!

Take care and we will see you next week!


Rebecca said...

Hi Casey-

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying middle school. So many kids have nothing nice to say, but those are some great years!

Why do I like to work? That's feels good to help really sick babies become healthy and go home to their parents:)

See you this weekend!

Little P said...

Hi Casey!
That's cool, how you showed a picture of your blog post on your blog post!
And I'm not an Adult...but sometimes you don't have to be!
My job is:
1. Going to school...
2. Looking out and caring for my little cousins...and that's the best part! To be older and make your own disisons (don't know if that's spelled right)it doesn't matter what your age is everyone can help! know what I mean..and that's my job. Caring for my little cousins, when somethings wrong, I'm there!
But you could say I have a real job: Assistant English teacher...but it's not like I get payed! haha and it's not really a job, I only do it cause' I can! haha
Talk to you Later!

KZ in TOSCANA (or KC in So. Cal.)


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