Monday, September 07, 2009

My Spare Time

Hello Everybody,

Today I will be writing about what I do in my spare time. What I usually do is that I play with my DS, read or play Bionicles. I have a lot of fun with my bionicles. My Uncle Jeff says the bionicles I make are cool. He also told me that I should look into being a bionicle designer. He said I should send them to the Lego Company.

Heres a picture.

I also sometimes play the Wii and talk on the phone with my friends for a long time about Pokemon.

Starting tomorrow all my spare time will be ruined. Do you people have any idea why? You can vote on the sidebar where I will put a voting poll.

Today is Labor Day. Today my Uncle Jeff is here and we're going to have a fun time. We always do.

I don't have much spare time because I am usually doing other things that aren't spare--like having friends over, doing karate and other stuff.

Bye everyone.

Talk to you next time.

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